Campaign of the Month: October 2007

Beldorn's Reflection

A retreat

two comrades die

Swit 1-7 501 4th age

The group was set down along the coastline some 40 miles from Miri Noche and some 10 miles from one of the large defense towers along the Rista River. The temperature was hot and humid. The group had a a small two level tower to live in and a beach that had three levels to it. Erich, their temporary leader gave them some instructions, mostly not to die as they were not getting paid well for this job and if things went bad, regroup at a place called the lost tower.

In addition to the group, a member of the White Company, Edu Appledoon was with the group. Edu made friends with the group and pitched in digging choke points for the exits from the beach. The work was tiring and hot. If the person wasn’t working they were in the ocean trying to keep cool as the temperatures went well above 100 degrees while they were there.

Finally, a sail appeared. As the group observed, they noticed that there was a second ship being towed by the long ship. The second ship detached from the larger one and made directly for the shores while the larger ship would make a later landing. The group engaged in arrow fight with the second ship, the group also noticed that the crew of the second ship were not Veristani in nature but mercs from the Red Crusaders.

The ramps came down as the ship grounded itself to the shore, and coming down the ramps were Kobolds. The group fought but were almost overwhelmed by the Kobolds. In the meantime, KELTAIN got separated from the group and went after the human invaders. He was overrun by the humans as the main group scrambled and beat the kobolds, and the Red Crusaders and saw that things were turning bad. Wolfram Trogar noticed that Keltain was down and went to save him and two to buy time for the group to take the smaller boat and get away. Wolfram presented a challenge to the band attacking him but failed completely in taking out any of the invaders but the group got away.

They sailed to the west and re-landed some 15 miles to the west where they made their way to the lost tower. There they found about a dozen dead mercs, all killed by something. The group searched around the tower. Eventually they found that a ooze like creature that was responsible for the deaths. After dispatching the creature, other survivors showed up and the group recognized the two of them as folks they met at sea. Their story was similar to what happened to the group. It was decided to head to Taba to warn the folks there. They reached there after nightfall and found the gates closed to them but the guards said that the invaders were at the river.



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