Campaign of the Month: October 2007

Beldorn's Reflection

death comes in twos

Swit 8,9 501 4th age

The group awoke outside of the city of Taba, watching troops move out to engage the enemy. The group waited patiently for the troops to leave before entering the city. As they entered the city they noticed that it was set in concentric circles with the lower class and temples being in the outer ring. The group noticed a speech was going on near the temple of HELME which was across the way from the temple of SMERC. The priestess of Helme was telling the populace not to resist the invaders. Carlo Renzo although he doesn’t speak Hebrean, got the translation from another of the group and began to yell back at the priestess. He persisted until the guards for the priestess came forth to silence him. A scuffle ensued. As the fight was going on, the group noted a priest, wearing a gold mask from the temple of Smerc smiling at the goings on.

The group eventually seperated from the guards and went to find something to eat. They found it at the Silver Fish and ate a hearty breakfast while discussing their options. They finally decided to head to the front to see if they could find Erich.

They left Taba and was on their way when they spied a group of veristani warriors running through a wooded area. They decided to attack the group. They also spotted a dwarf warrior and a half orc on the other side also attacking. The group got trashed by the warriors except for Khalid ibn Farouq and the half orc named Ugnak.

When the rest of the group woke up they were tied up. A priestess of Wognar offered each a choice. Their equipment and money were taken away. She said option one as to join the Veristani in their fight against the Hebreans, second option was to walk away and not join the fight anymore. The second time they would fight against her, their lives would be forfeit. The group chose to walk, with the dwarf deciding that he would remain only if he would get his ancestorial weapons back. His name was Yoshei.

grumbling the group nearly wandered into a retreating unit of the Hebrean army and followed it back to a base camp. There they met again with Erich and were given replacement weapons and armor. They got to know Ugnak. Erich then sent the group off to harass the Veristani supply lines. After traveling for awhile, khalid and Kethaliel who were scouting ahead spotted a group of Saurigs(Lizardfolk) which were unusual for the area. They were in a encampement and were led by two of the Red Crusaders(mercenary group).

An attack plan was formulated and excecuted. Although successful, Khalid and Kethaliel went down under the ravening teeth of the Saurigs.



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