Campaign of the Month: October 2007

Beldorn's Reflection

Demons working for Elves?

Oghma 24-25 501 4th age.

Franz was brought back to life in the pond in the Forest Anguish. As he was redressing himself, two figures appeared near the pond. One was the alchemist, whom had been working on things at the lab In the castle and an new person, A swashbuckler whom was the friend of the king of Fulda and was his primary troubleshooter.

They met the group and went back to hunting down the invading army. They found the army still within the woods at a strange series of buildings. It was discovered to be a prison structure. The lady was within the structure, seemed to be encouraging the troops, Darrius and the alchemist decided that they would take out the lone flying drake left to the army, which they did. They retreated quickly when the lady turned into a black dragon.
The group then attacked the frost giants and the battle went long and hard. Gregori was killed during the fight but the group took down nearly all the remaining frost giants. The cleric and two others got away and the group didn’t see the cold riders at all. They then looked at the structure and found elvish writing about this place. It was built two ages ago, the story goes that the elves were in a major conflict with their dark brethren yet again. This time however the dark ones were winning the fight. The elves decided that they needed something nastier in a fight and discussed the option of summoning demons, many were opposed to it, for the demons always demanded something.

The situation became desperate enough that the ruling council agreed to this and the demons were summoned. Hard negoiations took place but the demons were unleashed against the drow. Many of the elves however had no intention of honoring the agreements and rapidly built a prison to hold the demons that they could not banish. The demons help to defeat the dark elves and came back to demand their payment.

It is unknown how many of the elves died in putting the demons in the prision, but the demons were eventually imprisoned. Most have vowed vengeance on the elvish race if they got out. The place was then hidden in a forest which the elves have manufactured to hide them. They created a story to keep the curious out of the of the forest.



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