Campaign of the Month: October 2007

Beldorn's Reflection

finally we are away from Miri Noci

Swit 25-27 501 4th age

The group waited for some sort of response from all the folks whom they had engaged in the search for Carlo. The first response was Noreen,whose ship Forge and Darrius had visited before only to not get any sort of response.

Noreen was willing to take the group on for a much lesser fee than Kirby was wanting, but the group was waiting for Jasmine to see if she could free Carlo. Jasmine came in later with Carlo whom was kinda out of it. It was noticed that Noreen did look a little annoyed when Jasmine came in with Carlo. Again Juan Montoya came in and accosted the group about their knowledge of Jasmine.

The group decided to spend the night some safe? near the docks. While the group was resting they noticed that a rowboat from Noreens ship came to the docks. A stately woman woman went ashore. It was noticed that she was wearing an older style of Scale, probably from Baldamar. The two rowers went back to Noreens ship. The group rested but was awakened by the sound of an explosion about 4 in the morning. The ship that the group was to leave on was a blazing wreck and that the captain, Kirby was dead. Just before the explosion the woman in Scale was returning to Noreens Ship.

The group was stunned and annoyed. A little later Noreen showed up and asked if that was their ship and her offer still stood. The ship would sail the next day. The group asked to board early and it was ok with some restrictions, the main one being that nobody was allowed below. It was also noted that the ship rode high in the water indicating very little cargo.

The lady came up from below, and introduced herself as Beatrice. She had a hint of Baldamarian accent in her speech. She left as dusk occured and came back late.

As the ship began preperation to leave it came under attack. A wake with no boat was noticed along with signs of oars being dipped in the water. A fireball landed on the deck. the group noticed a spellcaster in the air. Part of the group and crew engaged the caster, while the others took aim on the strange wake. Da Vinci dropped a flaming bomb on the wake. The ensuing fire showed that there were three figures in a row boat. three figures dropped into the water.

The spellcaster was driven off and the three wet burned attackers were fished out of the water. One of them was Andres Montoya, whom the group had met. He explained that he needed to stop Jasmine, whom had also joined the group as a passenger. The group doubted his veracity but forced him to surrender. The ship then left.

After one day at sea, the ship was attacked by a dragon turtle but fought the beast off.



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