Campaign of the Month: October 2007

Beldorn's Reflection

How much did you say?

Swit 15,16 501 4th age

the groups prisoner, whose name was Eric tried to bargain for his freedom. He told the group that he had money to pay them if he were freed. Franz wanted to know how much and Eric stated 5k each. A debate ensued. In the end it was decided to take the prisoner and his compatriot back to camp.

As the group was going back they again ran into a large patrol of barbarians who also had a giant and a female leader. the group dispatched the patrol and the giant and took the woman a prisoner.

As they got back to their base camp, they noticed that the army was marching out, the fight was coming soon. Erich, their immediate commander spoke with them, and the group mentioned that the prisoner Eric had offered them money to set him free, Eric had also already upped the ante for the cost of his freedom. He claimed that there were some 40,000 gold available. Erich’s eyes lit up and he spoke to the group. "We are not getting paid much so it may be better for us to go on “detached duty” and find that gold." He also said that he would like to be part of the expedition. The group decided that another sword arm would be good and the group left undetected by the army advancing to their fight.

The trip was uneventful except for Forge who ran into a cockatrice, which he dispatched with ease.

They found the location that Eric had described, and found it guarded by a dozen experienced warriors. The ensuing fight was brutal, with Carlo Renzo, Erich and Franz all temporarily going down but eventually the group prevailed. A search of the place revealed a treasure chest which contained some 48,000 veristani gold. As the group was dividing the money, Erich suggested that perhaps the group leave the area. They were not being paid well by their employers, most of the money that they had gotten was from looting their enemies. In addition rumors of the head of the Merc company that they were part of was still alive in the Dallian Confederacy. The group decided to leave.

The woman looked worried as she hustled her small children into the woods. She could hear the sounds of men and horses nearby. The Black wolf and his Hounds were feared by all. The Wolf and hounds were under the nominal control of Vasile Plesca, but many where unsure whom was controlled.

She hid the children in under a hole in the tree, she knew at one time it had contained a family of foxes but the foxes had been driven off. She attempted to keep the children silent as they could hear the screams of those whom had been caught by the Wolf and hounds. She cried silently and gently rocked her children in the dark cold hole. She nodded off soon after children did.

She woke startled by the sound of horse and the sound of chainmail just outside the hole.



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