Campaign of the Month: October 2007

Beldorn's Reflection

Miri Noci

Swit 17-20 501, 4th Age

After a journey of several days the heroes overlooked the town of Miri Nochi. They noticed the walls about the town as well as the major roads that cut through the town like spokes on a Wheel and the abundance of ships lying off the port.

It was approaching evening as the group entered into the town. They spied that the Red Crusaders seemed to have a large presence as well as what appeared to be the city police.

The group made its way to the Silver Eel Tavern to find a captain named Kirby Bullard whom Erich had known. As the group approached the port district, they were distracted by noises of cheering and booing as well as what appeared to the sound of a cleaver hitting a chunk of meat.

They soon found out about the fighting pit and that the victor was a large bloody humanoid with a bulls head and only having one arm. He was seen bellowing in a triumphful way. The group could see the loser whom was cleaved from the top of his head to his breastbone.

Interested in the spectacle, the group looked around and spotted whom appeared to be in charge of the event. The smell of perfume nearly overwhelmed the group as they went to speak with with him. He was surrounded by two Red Crusaders, two city police and another gentlemen whom seemed to be keeping some sort of bookkeeping. They found out that his name was Juan Montoya and inquiries about actually to fight in the pit.

Finally making it to the Silver Eel, they found him in discussion with a half orc and a dwarf, both of whom turned out to be members of the Falcon Raiders. Carlo went off with one of the ladies whom worked at the tavern. The meeting with Kirby went well until the price was mentioned by Kirby. The group was flabbergasted by the cost and decided to see if there were other options. Somebody overhearing the conversation suggested that they see a Captain Arvan at Juanitas and Forge inquired about other captains and a Noreen came up.

the group went to Juanitas to find Arvan. They found that there was a amazing singer at Juanitas. The entire audience was eerily silent when she was singing. After the singing was done the group met with Arvan, again a pleasant visit but his price was higher.

Forge and Darrius decided to go down to the port district to see if they could find Noreens ship the “BLACK SWAN”. The others would wait at Juanitas to see if Carlo would be showing up. They had left a message with the female barkeep to tell him where they had gone. As Forge and Darrius were walking to the pier, they both noticed that they were being followed. Darrius vanished and Forge made a quick move to lost their followers. There were two of them and neither was able to reveal anything as Forge dispatched them with far too much ease. The two of them rowed out to the Swan and and
Forge climbed up the side after hailing the ship and finding only silence. As he climbed aboard his light stone dimmed considerably upon landing on the main deck. Deciding that retreat was the better part of valor, he jumped into the bay and was rescued by Darrius.

They returned back to Juanitas where the rest of the group had just awakened from a stupor from the singers music. All felt weak but nothing was taken. The group retired to the Narwal a hotel and fell promptly asleep. Awaking in the morning they discovered that Carlo had not come to their place.

Returning to the Silver Eel it was found out that that beside Carlo the lady he was with didn’t come back either. The room was searched and a piece of cloth a fine piece of black clothing was found. A talk with a merchant whom specialized in the clothes identified as probably from the priests of Smerc.

The group went down to the temple of Smerc to ask some questions. The new found friend dwarf barged his way into the temple and was promptly fried by a bolt of black energy. His dwarvish toughness shrugged off much of the damage. Da Vinci, the half orc alchemist missed badly in his bomb which bounced off the outer wall of the temple. The dwarf was encouraged to get the hell out.

The group retreated back to the Silver Eel.



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