Campaign of the Month: October 2007

Beldorn's Reflection

NIght of the Wraiths

Swit 29,30 501 4th age

A solemn procession carrying a casket in perfect marching order, the sound of the boots echoing in the cellar basement. The coffin is simply adored with symbols of Wognar, a bastard sword lying atop it. The procession goes down two flights of stairs where the darkness almost over comes the torchlight.

A simple opening the wall, allows for the bearers to slide it in there. The coffin is opened. Each of the priests puts in a weapon and slices his hand to drop blood in there. The iron book is opened and words are spoken about the life of Carlo Renzo. Some of the priests are surprised that he has no friends who come to the funeral. The procession leaves Carlo to his final rest.

Julio was extremely happy. He was back in port and had just gotten paid and the wine and women flowed and he was wandering about the docks in a happy stupor. He had just passed a large cargo area when he felt what he perceived as a touch which chilled him. Almost immediately his happy state passed into fear. He looked around and saw what seemed to be a shape in the darkness. He decided that discretion was the better part of valor and attempted to flee. As he turned he saw a second image in front of him. His scream was cut short

Santiago and Juanita were in the fight at the port with other patrons. It was an exciting exhibition going on. A six on six fights as the opener. It was grand sport. The second event was a three on three with two more fights following. Neither of them was big gamblers but enjoyed the social aspect of the event.
*They were watching when some sort of occurrence happened near the entrance. People began to scream and run towards the couple. They kind of began to move along with the other folk towards the closed big entry door. They both saw transparent figures that just seemed to touch others and they went down. They also saw a group of strangers fighting the transparent creatures. The creatures didn’t seem to be fazed as the two of them joined the surging crowd that was leaving. Santiago made sure Juanita got away and took a last look at the group and decided that he would be a heroic type but not tonight, He made sure that Juanita was safe.




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