Campaign of the Month: October 2007

Beldorn's Reflection

Pedro and Miguel

Swit 11, 12 501 4th age

Both Pedro and Miguel were awoken by a loud sound at their prison door. Both were in a sound sleep dreaming of being home eating good food and being back with their wives and children. They had been captured by the Veristani and were being ransomed back to their families. While the two of them were not in the lap of luxury in their prison, they were much better off then some of the others that were there. They tried not to mingle too much with the others.

After awakening, they heard a voice yelling at them to get out and tossed two swords their way on the ground. Since neither of them used a large sword, they decided to stay put. They watched the stranger and a second stranger carrying the great swords and drop them off after opening the doors. Many of the men were still very sleepy and not sure what was going on. From their vantage point, Pedro and Miguel watched the other prisoners begin to move out. They could see that some of the men had no idea of how to swing such a weapon while others were sizing up the weapon.

A flash of fire frightened the two men and both were horrified to see several of the men burnt to a crisp. They decided to move back further into their dorm. It was fortunate as a second blast killed others and singed those who came barging in to “rescue” them. They looked at each other and peered through the holes in the structure. All they could see was lots of their captors in brutal hand to hand combat with the intruders. They saw the sorcerer get killed as well as his body guard by a dwarf. The fight seemed to go on forever and a horn was blown in the distance and the two men looked at each other and both said at the same time, now what?

They watched the small group drag away the sorcerer and his body guard and peered outside. They saw death all over the place. The two of them spoke to each other and began to argue about whether or not they should flee or go back to their cell. The arguement stemmed from the the fact that neither of them knew whether or not their ransoms had been paid. They heard the horns blowing and that the small group had left. There were not many of the guards left and the Red Crusaders were pretty worthless, the entire group had drunk and whored last night and none of them came out of their tents.

The two of them decided to leave but would wander by the sorcerers tent before leaving to see if they could find some money, perhaps more than their ransom which would be good. They scurried around and noted that horns blew again and could see cavalry in the distance. They looked at each other and decided that they needed to get away without looking at the tent.

As they ran away towards the river, two cavalry men came from behind and since it was still dark, they mistook the two for soldiers and rode them down.



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