Campaign of the Month: October 2007

Beldorn's Reflection

Prisoners, yah we got em.

Swit 13,14 501 4th age

When the group returned to the base, rumors that the Queen had been kidnapped were rampant all around the base camp. Morale was mixed. Queen Wanda’s standing had been challenged by many, including the Naval Commander Dolores Marquez. Wandas’ bodyguard and the Ambassador to the Dallian Confederacy had also been killed but had been raised and recounted the event. Ivo Gunduli, the Ambassador stated that the queen had been kidnapped by masked men with Firenzian accents. (Firenz Nobility wear masks)

The group found their commander Erich near the command tent. There was a loud exchange from the command tent. Erich explained that Pio, the ruler of Taba was in “discussion” with Javier about his unauthorized mission to the loading docks of the Veristani. Javier had disobeyed orders about protecting the city and had conducted the raid.

Erich spoke to the group about rumors that Egil the invading chieftain, was satisfied with his victories thus far and wanted to pull out. The rumors also included a shaman named Astrid wanted the campaign to continue to make his mark as a great leader.

Erich ordered the group to find prisoners and bring them back for interrogation. The group complied and found a man and a woman whom were having a romantic liaison. The group guarding the amorous couple were not very good and soon they were prisoners.

After dropping off their prisoners the group went out again on the same mission. They ran into a trio,Two of them being cavaliers and the other a wizard of some sort. The sorcerer was captured.

The torches glare barely cut through the darkness of the chamber. Seven men dressed in blue and gold robes sat around a circular table which has a symbol of a sword through a gold coin. The man, older than most of the others with a black goatee with flecks of white in it stood up and spoke.
“Thank you for your report Anton. Gentlemen, our plans for fomenting war in both the Dallian Confederacy and in Hebrean are succeeding well. We anticipate adding considerable wealth from this”
He sat down and the seven men raised gold cups and toasted to their success.



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