Campaign of the Month: October 2007

Beldorn's Reflection

Red Mist of Aruedas

Aria 16-19 501 4th Age

The group reached the village of Aruedas where they noticed that many of the folks there had similar facial features and were met by mostly silence. The first thing that was upbeat was the greeting from the priest of Sorte Miguel. The group was taken to the great meeting house where they started a discussion of what had gone by in the past. They were introduced to Lenice, who turned out to be the wife of Fernando,one of the gentlemen that had hired the group. Lenice was a striking beauty and out of place in this provincial town.

The group went out to Anna’s place. They were told of the story that Anna was the cause of the 20 year annual killing spree and searched about the house. Kethaliael suffered some problems with not being able to find and disable traps and was was incapacitated for the night. The group found a small doll in the image of Lord Ribero and took it back to the authority house.

The group split into three groups to patrol the edges of the village as a start. The creature showed up and attacked both Carlo Renzo and Miguel. The others scrambled to try to save the two priests. In the end the creature with its life draining ability nearly did in some of the heroes before dissipating as it attempted to fly out. the group suspected Lenice of knowing more and when confronted spilled the information. The creature was hidden under the temple that was being cleaned and getting back into use.

The group went over to the temple and began to speak with Miguel. Lenice tossed her cat at Carlo and attempted to cast a spell. Miguel attacked the group which suprised the group a little. Kethaliel earlier had been charmed to assist Lenice which one of the group had dispelled.

Lenice had confided earlier that she was a descendent of Annas and that the descentants had kept the creature alive to renew the vow to kill people.

Lenice was killed although she was pregnant and the child was Fernando’s. The group got their money and left the village.



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