Campaign of the Month: October 2007

Beldorn's Reflection


SHARRA 5-8 501 4TH AGE
The group looked at the city of Cufenieu from the spike of land which sits in the middle of the bay overlooking the city. The group noted a man kneeling before a lady and presenting her with ring. The group went down to the base where the various transports to the land awaited. The group pulled their folding boat out and went into the harbor where they were met by officials whom were directing traffic into the berths.

After landing they went directly to the Temple of Helm. Davos has knowledge of the city and the trip was pretty uneventful. They met the high priest of Helm who could resurrect the four folks that they had brought to be brought back. The process took a couple of days, in which all were resurrected.

The group questioned the brought back to Luxor, finding out what they could, which was little. From Saleed the genie, they found out it was a group of black bodied humanoids with glowing red eyes that attacked him. Vassily the frost mage, grudgingly thanked the group and was to talk about a cease fire in the east. They talked to Khalid the genie to see if he could find the representative of Smerc to talk to her. The two mercenary captains, they talked and had tentative agreements and decided to help speed them on their way and to find the coinmonger whom had been behind everything.



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