Campaign of the Month: October 2007

Beldorn's Reflection

Sh*t hits the fan

Eastern Luxor Sharra 4,5 501 4th age

The group waited at the castle to meet with Saleed. Franz had rejoined the group while Gregori went off on a different mission. The king was to meet with a couple of Mercenary commanders and Saleed wanted to have them listen to the petitioners.

The first in was Emil Caine, leader of Caines Raiders, they had been involved in the fight in Neusan against the forces of Nordstat and Mercenaries. Caine looked every bit the professional soldier in his presentation of what his unit could do for the kingdom. Saleed thanked him for his time and would discuss things with his advisors.

The second commander came in after Caine left. She was a very striking woman and also very professional looking. She was definitely less warrior than Caine. She introduced herself as Angelina Basine, commander of the Red Crusaders. The Red Crusaders had a less than stellar reputation within the community. She presented her case and was subjected to a series of questions. She was forthright in her answers. A coup had replaced the previous leadership and she had complete control of the organization, and those whom were troublemakers were hung as a sign of restoring discipline.

She offered a discount on the standard rate. Saleed told her that he would consider her offer. As she left the final petitioner was ushered in. It was the Rus ambassador Vassialy the frost mage. The temperature dropped perceptibly as he entered. He repeated his demand that Darrius brother, Pavel be released to him and demanded an answer by the end of the day.

After a short discussion with Saleed, the group teleported back to the crystalline structure to see if there were anybody there and close the opening to limbo. They fought two creatures whom appeared be left as guard dogs and spent the rest of the day and night in closing the entrance. In the end they tumbled down some of the stone in the inner structure to keep it closed. They teleported back in the morning to find chaos at the castle.

During the night parties unknown launched a large and powerful attack. Saleed, and Pavel were taken, the mercenary heads were killed as was the frost mage and Saleeds Genie advisor Khalid. The new honor guard that had been unveiled just the day before were torn apart.

Khalid’s body was found in a shaft which lowered hay to the horses in the underground stables. The merc and frost mages bodies were missing parts of their body to make any raise dead attempt more difficult. The frost mage and the commanders assistants were all missing and it was discovered that each was given a wine which was poisioned.

Darrius and Forge teleported to the druid pond with the merc captains and the frost mage and attempted to raise them. The attempt failed with all of them. They were met there by a unknown hostile whom they drove off. In the meantime a winter storm of unusual intensity brewed up about them.

The others searched around the rooms of the murdered captains, in one room a locket with the symbol of the faceless ones an assassins guild was found, almost too easily in some opinions. Speak with dead was tried on first one of the honor guards whom told of a beast that killed them with a single blow. They then tried another speak with khalid and he was asked whom he thought might be behind the attack. His response kind of shocked the group. A coinmonger named Phillip whom had been with Saleed for a long time was his suspect. The group went to find phillip and had found that he had left the day before with a courtesan named Marissa. A search of his place found that he had been living far beyond his normal means, he particularly seemed to favor a Patulan artist name Paulo Santos whose paintings crowded his walls.

Darrius and Forge returned and the winter storm struck at the castle area. With the failure of the raise deads, information about whom could resurrect somebody was needed and found. A priest of Helm in the caton of Fulda was a likely candidate, the problem being that Darrius had never been there before and they wanted to scry Phillip also. They found a bard in the city named Maurice whom scryed the city that they needed to teleport to, Maurice showed Darrius a central plaza with a column and a view of the bay. Phillip escaped the scrying of the Bard.

They teleported to Cufeniu with out incident.



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