Campaign of the Month: October 2007

Beldorn's Reflection

The butcher is caught

Neusan Sharra 3,4 501 4th Age

The group headed back up to the mountains to find the Butcher and to get the reward before Feuzi beat them. They stopped for the night and set up camp. Kyran set up walls of stone to create a protective barrier against the cold of the mountains and the group went to sleep, with Brock on watch.

Brock thought he saw something in the woods and notified some of the group and went off to check it out. In the meantime, a tanglefoot bag and a thunderstone went off in the space, entangling sharky and deafening Kyran. A figure dropped down and struck at Brovan, doing significant damage to him.

Their foe having thought he had the upper hand soon realized that he was in significant trouble and tried cutting his way through Brovan, whom again survived major damage and was still up, this foe went down.

In the meantime Brock was looking about but another person snuck by him and attacked the group. Kyran had summoned a creature to look about for anything going on and the creature passed out of sight continuing its patrol. The second person was an elvish archer whom had some sort of misfortune shooting at the party and was easily dispatched.

Brock was also walking along when he spied two people, both of whom he had met. Feuzi and Jemar. Feuzi attempts a spell on Brock and hurts him. Brocks scream brings Brovan out to assist him and he meets Jemar who is also a dwarf. Brovan had been healed up by the oracle before so was in good shape to fight him. Kyran also ran out to help Brock and spotted Feuzi. A deadly spell war began. Kyran was mentally assaulted by Feuzi and Kyran resisted and launched a counter assault.

In the end the four opponents laid on the ground all unconscious and tied up. The Butcher and his compatriot were questioned and tied up Jemar was talked to and after he told his story, the group decided to ask him to join them and he did. Kyran had a special hate for Feuzi and was willing to do him in but he was also brought back.

The group got its reward and its marching orders to head south to a uncertain situation for their commander had been murdered and it could be the fault of the king whos country which they were heading.



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