Campaign of the Month: October 2007

Beldorn's Reflection


Oghma 25, 26 501 4th age

The group returned to the prison area and went down into the compound itself. They found a large chamber with what appeared to be prisonlike entrances with glows above them. There was also an escaped rather large demon within the chamber. The demon sniffed out the half elf Davos within the group and demanded that he be given to him, for the treachery of the elves whom had imprisoned him in there.

He promised that the remainder of the group could leave as all he wanted was the elf. The group refused and the demon began to summon aid for himself against the group he knew was dangerous to him. The fight ensued, a brutal and nasty fight. Franz nearly went down as did Darrius and Greogori.

As the fight began to dwindle down, Darrius and Davos spied a small door and went to it. They opened it and found that it appeared to be a council room with linen banners on the wall and a drawing of a vessel which resembled a butterfly. Darrius remembered a dim legend of vessels that could fly in the sky and beyond. the two of them looked at the elvish script and discerned that some elves had boarded this vessel and had left for parts unknown.



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