Campaign of the Month: October 2007

Beldorn's Reflection

UGNUT goes down

Swit 10,11 501 4th age

the group buried their dead and spent the night resting. The next morning while moving out they spied a group of three barbarians escorting a single warrior. They proceeded to rescue him and found that he was a Firenzian named Forge. He had been with another scouting party which was ambushed and he was captured. He was also part of the Falcon Raiders merc group which was stationed in another part of the coast.

They ran into a supply convoy and ambushed it and were successful in defeating the guards. They took the wagons back to the base camp of the army. They spotted the Home Guard Cavalry at the base, resplendent in their plate and armored horses. Their commander,Javier Penalosa, according to rumor had disobeyed the orders of Gilberto Avalos, the prefect of the province and came forward. He was in arguement with the ruler of Taba, Pio. Pio wanted the cavalry to protect the outside edges of the city while Javier wanted to swing north and attack the staging area of the longships.

The group stayed away from the argument and met with Erich whom suggested that they continue their guerrilla war against the back lines. The group went out and found a group led by the lady cleric whom had stripped them of their goods before. Ugnut’s friend, a dwarf named Yoshei had joined with her the last time to keep his swords and was there also.

The group ambushed the group and was successful except for the loss of Ugnut. Yoshei turned on the clerics group when he saw Ugnut go down.



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