Campaign of the Month: October 2007

Beldorn's Reflection

Welcome to Quego

Aria 15, 16 501 4th age

The ship slide quietly into port bearing the group who are members of the Falcon Raiders as well as other mercs from other companies who were also kicked out of Vemany. The group checked through the port authority and met with the moneychangers before heading along the port. They were told to report back to the port authority in a couple of hours as Helio Porto might have a job for them.

The group ended up at the Dancing Beggar Tavern where they ended up in a skirmish with members of a different merc company, the Red Crusaders. Darrius Dragovic and the elvish rogue with them made the fight go from a basic bar brawl to something more deadly. One of the companions, a priest of WOGNAR namedCarlo Renzo ended up healing the opposing members to keep the carnage down. The group prevailed in the fight.

The group went back to Helio who introduced them to two gentlemen from the village of Aruedas who had a problem that needed to be solved. Every twenty years, a series of murders would occur within this community. It was to be twenty years in several days. The group did accept the position and left with the two gentlemen. The two gentlemen provided the group with information about the history that led up the the current situation.

As the group passed through the town of Nosinos, the group was told that bandits had been seen in the area. The group prepared and when the attack came they were ready. In a drawn out fight, the group caused the bandits to retreat and although several of the group were down, it was decided that the group would press on and finish the bandits. Healing was done quickly and the group tracked the surviving bandits, where another brutal fight took place, with several of the group going down before the lone survivor surrendered.

The group took the prisoners back, most of the bandits were still alive but down for the count to where the local authorities took control of the prisoners and paid the group the bounty that was due. The group went on to Aruedas.



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