Campaign of the Month: October 2007

Beldorn's Reflection

who did we tick off this time

Swit 20-23 501 4th age

The group consulted with a priest of Oghma as part of their attempt to figure out where Carlo and his companion disappeared to. The divination came up with the image of the new moon, a sickle, and that Carlo was unable to see the moon. From this the group discerned that Carlo was to be sacrificed by the priests of Smerc on the night of the new moon, the 26th of the month.

As the group went back to the Silver Eel to discuss the situation, they heard threatening sounds coming from an alleyway and chose to investigate.. they spotted a single man being threatened by three other men whom all had the sign of the Red Crusaders on their tunics. Forge, being the eagle eyed one noticed that the single guy had a falcons raider tattoo on him. Soon the three crusaders lie unconcious and they found out the name of the new comrade. His name was Gregori and he was from Rus. The local police came by and questioned the group and revived one of the Crusaders, who complained to the police. The police asked for the groups names, Da Vinci spoke back to the officers in a loud and insulting voice which irritated the leader whom said that Da Vinci would be hauled in for disturbing the peace. There was a tense stand off and the police backed down.

The group made it back to the Silver Eel,where they spotted Captain Kirby whom again repeated his price. Rosario complained about her missing employee and when she was asked about about the former captain of the Police, she asked why and suggested Carlos Montoya, the merchant “king” of the city be of better help. In the meantime Da Vinci and Franz tried to enlist the help of the children of the city to help find Carlo.

The group went to the Narwal and found out about the other hotels in the town. They were the Albatross and the Blue Tuna. The Albatross is a thin three story building.

The next day, the group went to the merchant Carlos Montoya to ask for his aid. He claimed that it might be possible but he would have to know how much the group would be willing to spend for him. The gold amount was about $1500. The group went back to the Silver Eel and found that Jasmine was there and wanted the group to travel with her on kirbys ship. She also offered to find and return Carlo and the woman.

After she left a group of Red Crusaders came in acting beligerently, There was one gentlemen whom seemed to be in charge of the group. They bought drinks and Da Vinci? bought a round for the group. One of the youngsters took the drink and walked over and poured it on the floor. This didnt get a rise in the group. A second youngster walked over and poured on Da Vincis head. Franz went over and cast a create water spell on the table. the rest of them drew weapons. Rosario yelled for the group to take it outside but Da Vinci dropped a bomb which dropped most of the group.

A stranger from the room dressed in the sea green yelled for all of them to stop. The next thing they knew that they were taking damage. It was surmised that the guy in in the Sea green was a priest of Burzah and was assisting the owner of the tavern. The guy in charge of the punks cast a spell on the priest. Darrius went outside and was soon followed by the group but they took the unconscious warriors outside.

After the fight and fire was ended, Rosario banned the group from the place.

The group went to spend the night at the second spot the Albatross where they were attacked in the dark of the night by a unknown spell caster and it was a near thing until they were finally able to drive him off and Da Vinci made a spectacular toss to finish him off.

The group was left with the question about who and why did the caster attack the group.



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