Campaign of the Month: October 2007

Beldorn's Reflection


Aria 19-30 501 4th age

the group left Aruedas and spent the night at Castelo Araujo where they were attacked by a cockatrice. The group survived the attack and when near the village of Nosinos, they met a young woman with torn white clothing and a knife. Her name was Angie and she had escaped from Nosinos where her father had arranged a marriage to a merchant named Miguel whom she despised. She had refused and her father had hit her. She asked to be taken with the group to wherever they were going. The group debated for awhile and took a vote. The vote was 4-2 for taking the girl with them.

As they were passing around Nosinos, they encountered the jilted merchant whom tried to bribe them and then threaten them but eventually backed off. The group made it to QUEGO where the girl was taken in at the Albert to work as a laundry maid. The group went down to the docks to meet with Helio Porto to find new jobs, there were several offers but the group decided to go to Hebrean to help ward off potential invaders. the ship would leave in four days, while meeting with Helio they met some folks from two other merc companies, the White Company and Caines Raiders. The group headed out to see if they could sell off their goods which they captured from the bandits and increased their funds.

While waiting at the Albert, an attractive woman sat with the group. Her name was Vera Gimenez and she wanted protection from her husband who was drunk. She tossed money to the group and the group agreed. Kethaliael spotted somebody acting suspiciously who had left so the group decided to go to another tavern, the Tres Brujas(three witches) a watering hole for locales.

Apparently the husband found out and wandered into the tavern. A fight ensued with most of the group going down unconcious before the husband, a priest of SMERC. The group wanted to loot the priest but the lady said no and the group agreed

After resting up the group made their way to the Gallant Griffin the ship they were taking. They found that the mercs that they had met were also going along. The trip was uneventful, the captain told the group that their commander was in the Dallian Confederacy organizing things

The group made it to the north coast of Hebrean where they met one of the subcommanders from their mercenary company a man named Erich who assigned the group to the far eastern area. the group left.



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