a thief in Quego


Rinaldo is the illegimate son of one of the local merchants and was generally treated poorly by his father.
His mother died from a disease. He has a half brother whom works for his father but the half brother is generally favorable to Rinaldo.

Rinaldo became a thief early in his life. He decided that he wanted something from his stepfathers place and proceeded to take it. He found it exciting and continued to learn his craft by trying different things. Money was not a main concern but the act of trying different things. He also made contact with various folks for those skills he felt he lacked.

It was during this time that he was contacted by the local guild in Quego. It was hoped by those in charge of the guild that his connections with his father would help their expansion. He refused but did tell his father that the guild was after his business. The father softened his approach to his son.

The guild was enraged at Rinaldo’s refusal and are now actively seeking to remove him from the city.


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