Campaign of the Month: October 2007

Beldorn's Reflection

finally we are away from Miri Noci

Swit 25-27 501 4th age

The group waited for some sort of response from all the folks whom they had engaged in the search for Carlo. The first response was Noreen,whose ship Forge and Darrius had visited before only to not get any sort of response.

Noreen was willing to take the group on for a much lesser fee than Kirby was wanting, but the group was waiting for Jasmine to see if she could free Carlo. Jasmine came in later with Carlo whom was kinda out of it. It was noticed that Noreen did look a little annoyed when Jasmine came in with Carlo. Again Juan Montoya came in and accosted the group about their knowledge of Jasmine.

The group decided to spend the night some safe? near the docks. While the group was resting they noticed that a rowboat from Noreens ship came to the docks. A stately woman woman went ashore. It was noticed that she was wearing an older style of Scale, probably from Baldamar. The two rowers went back to Noreens ship. The group rested but was awakened by the sound of an explosion about 4 in the morning. The ship that the group was to leave on was a blazing wreck and that the captain, Kirby was dead. Just before the explosion the woman in Scale was returning to Noreens Ship.

The group was stunned and annoyed. A little later Noreen showed up and asked if that was their ship and her offer still stood. The ship would sail the next day. The group asked to board early and it was ok with some restrictions, the main one being that nobody was allowed below. It was also noted that the ship rode high in the water indicating very little cargo.

The lady came up from below, and introduced herself as Beatrice. She had a hint of Baldamarian accent in her speech. She left as dusk occured and came back late.

As the ship began preperation to leave it came under attack. A wake with no boat was noticed along with signs of oars being dipped in the water. A fireball landed on the deck. the group noticed a spellcaster in the air. Part of the group and crew engaged the caster, while the others took aim on the strange wake. Da Vinci dropped a flaming bomb on the wake. The ensuing fire showed that there were three figures in a row boat. three figures dropped into the water.

The spellcaster was driven off and the three wet burned attackers were fished out of the water. One of them was Andres Montoya, whom the group had met. He explained that he needed to stop Jasmine, whom had also joined the group as a passenger. The group doubted his veracity but forced him to surrender. The ship then left.

After one day at sea, the ship was attacked by a dragon turtle but fought the beast off.

who did we tick off this time

Swit 20-23 501 4th age

The group consulted with a priest of Oghma as part of their attempt to figure out where Carlo and his companion disappeared to. The divination came up with the image of the new moon, a sickle, and that Carlo was unable to see the moon. From this the group discerned that Carlo was to be sacrificed by the priests of Smerc on the night of the new moon, the 26th of the month.

As the group went back to the Silver Eel to discuss the situation, they heard threatening sounds coming from an alleyway and chose to investigate.. they spotted a single man being threatened by three other men whom all had the sign of the Red Crusaders on their tunics. Forge, being the eagle eyed one noticed that the single guy had a falcons raider tattoo on him. Soon the three crusaders lie unconcious and they found out the name of the new comrade. His name was Gregori and he was from Rus. The local police came by and questioned the group and revived one of the Crusaders, who complained to the police. The police asked for the groups names, Da Vinci spoke back to the officers in a loud and insulting voice which irritated the leader whom said that Da Vinci would be hauled in for disturbing the peace. There was a tense stand off and the police backed down.

The group made it back to the Silver Eel,where they spotted Captain Kirby whom again repeated his price. Rosario complained about her missing employee and when she was asked about about the former captain of the Police, she asked why and suggested Carlos Montoya, the merchant “king” of the city be of better help. In the meantime Da Vinci and Franz tried to enlist the help of the children of the city to help find Carlo.

The group went to the Narwal and found out about the other hotels in the town. They were the Albatross and the Blue Tuna. The Albatross is a thin three story building.

The next day, the group went to the merchant Carlos Montoya to ask for his aid. He claimed that it might be possible but he would have to know how much the group would be willing to spend for him. The gold amount was about $1500. The group went back to the Silver Eel and found that Jasmine was there and wanted the group to travel with her on kirbys ship. She also offered to find and return Carlo and the woman.

After she left a group of Red Crusaders came in acting beligerently, There was one gentlemen whom seemed to be in charge of the group. They bought drinks and Da Vinci? bought a round for the group. One of the youngsters took the drink and walked over and poured it on the floor. This didnt get a rise in the group. A second youngster walked over and poured on Da Vincis head. Franz went over and cast a create water spell on the table. the rest of them drew weapons. Rosario yelled for the group to take it outside but Da Vinci dropped a bomb which dropped most of the group.

A stranger from the room dressed in the sea green yelled for all of them to stop. The next thing they knew that they were taking damage. It was surmised that the guy in in the Sea green was a priest of Burzah and was assisting the owner of the tavern. The guy in charge of the punks cast a spell on the priest. Darrius went outside and was soon followed by the group but they took the unconscious warriors outside.

After the fight and fire was ended, Rosario banned the group from the place.

The group went to spend the night at the second spot the Albatross where they were attacked in the dark of the night by a unknown spell caster and it was a near thing until they were finally able to drive him off and Da Vinci made a spectacular toss to finish him off.

The group was left with the question about who and why did the caster attack the group.

Miri Noci

Swit 17-20 501, 4th Age

After a journey of several days the heroes overlooked the town of Miri Nochi. They noticed the walls about the town as well as the major roads that cut through the town like spokes on a Wheel and the abundance of ships lying off the port.

It was approaching evening as the group entered into the town. They spied that the Red Crusaders seemed to have a large presence as well as what appeared to be the city police.

The group made its way to the Silver Eel Tavern to find a captain named Kirby Bullard whom Erich had known. As the group approached the port district, they were distracted by noises of cheering and booing as well as what appeared to the sound of a cleaver hitting a chunk of meat.

They soon found out about the fighting pit and that the victor was a large bloody humanoid with a bulls head and only having one arm. He was seen bellowing in a triumphful way. The group could see the loser whom was cleaved from the top of his head to his breastbone.

Interested in the spectacle, the group looked around and spotted whom appeared to be in charge of the event. The smell of perfume nearly overwhelmed the group as they went to speak with with him. He was surrounded by two Red Crusaders, two city police and another gentlemen whom seemed to be keeping some sort of bookkeeping. They found out that his name was Juan Montoya and inquiries about actually to fight in the pit.

Finally making it to the Silver Eel, they found him in discussion with a half orc and a dwarf, both of whom turned out to be members of the Falcon Raiders. Carlo went off with one of the ladies whom worked at the tavern. The meeting with Kirby went well until the price was mentioned by Kirby. The group was flabbergasted by the cost and decided to see if there were other options. Somebody overhearing the conversation suggested that they see a Captain Arvan at Juanitas and Forge inquired about other captains and a Noreen came up.

the group went to Juanitas to find Arvan. They found that there was a amazing singer at Juanitas. The entire audience was eerily silent when she was singing. After the singing was done the group met with Arvan, again a pleasant visit but his price was higher.

Forge and Darrius decided to go down to the port district to see if they could find Noreens ship the “BLACK SWAN”. The others would wait at Juanitas to see if Carlo would be showing up. They had left a message with the female barkeep to tell him where they had gone. As Forge and Darrius were walking to the pier, they both noticed that they were being followed. Darrius vanished and Forge made a quick move to lost their followers. There were two of them and neither was able to reveal anything as Forge dispatched them with far too much ease. The two of them rowed out to the Swan and and
Forge climbed up the side after hailing the ship and finding only silence. As he climbed aboard his light stone dimmed considerably upon landing on the main deck. Deciding that retreat was the better part of valor, he jumped into the bay and was rescued by Darrius.

They returned back to Juanitas where the rest of the group had just awakened from a stupor from the singers music. All felt weak but nothing was taken. The group retired to the Narwal a hotel and fell promptly asleep. Awaking in the morning they discovered that Carlo had not come to their place.

Returning to the Silver Eel it was found out that that beside Carlo the lady he was with didn’t come back either. The room was searched and a piece of cloth a fine piece of black clothing was found. A talk with a merchant whom specialized in the clothes identified as probably from the priests of Smerc.

The group went down to the temple of Smerc to ask some questions. The new found friend dwarf barged his way into the temple and was promptly fried by a bolt of black energy. His dwarvish toughness shrugged off much of the damage. Da Vinci, the half orc alchemist missed badly in his bomb which bounced off the outer wall of the temple. The dwarf was encouraged to get the hell out.

The group retreated back to the Silver Eel.

How much did you say?

Swit 15,16 501 4th age

the groups prisoner, whose name was Eric tried to bargain for his freedom. He told the group that he had money to pay them if he were freed. Franz wanted to know how much and Eric stated 5k each. A debate ensued. In the end it was decided to take the prisoner and his compatriot back to camp.

As the group was going back they again ran into a large patrol of barbarians who also had a giant and a female leader. the group dispatched the patrol and the giant and took the woman a prisoner.

As they got back to their base camp, they noticed that the army was marching out, the fight was coming soon. Erich, their immediate commander spoke with them, and the group mentioned that the prisoner Eric had offered them money to set him free, Eric had also already upped the ante for the cost of his freedom. He claimed that there were some 40,000 gold available. Erich’s eyes lit up and he spoke to the group. "We are not getting paid much so it may be better for us to go on “detached duty” and find that gold." He also said that he would like to be part of the expedition. The group decided that another sword arm would be good and the group left undetected by the army advancing to their fight.

The trip was uneventful except for Forge who ran into a cockatrice, which he dispatched with ease.

They found the location that Eric had described, and found it guarded by a dozen experienced warriors. The ensuing fight was brutal, with Carlo Renzo, Erich and Franz all temporarily going down but eventually the group prevailed. A search of the place revealed a treasure chest which contained some 48,000 veristani gold. As the group was dividing the money, Erich suggested that perhaps the group leave the area. They were not being paid well by their employers, most of the money that they had gotten was from looting their enemies. In addition rumors of the head of the Merc company that they were part of was still alive in the Dallian Confederacy. The group decided to leave.

The woman looked worried as she hustled her small children into the woods. She could hear the sounds of men and horses nearby. The Black wolf and his Hounds were feared by all. The Wolf and hounds were under the nominal control of Vasile Plesca, but many where unsure whom was controlled.

She hid the children in under a hole in the tree, she knew at one time it had contained a family of foxes but the foxes had been driven off. She attempted to keep the children silent as they could hear the screams of those whom had been caught by the Wolf and hounds. She cried silently and gently rocked her children in the dark cold hole. She nodded off soon after children did.

She woke startled by the sound of horse and the sound of chainmail just outside the hole.
Prisoners, yah we got em.

Swit 13,14 501 4th age

When the group returned to the base, rumors that the Queen had been kidnapped were rampant all around the base camp. Morale was mixed. Queen Wanda’s standing had been challenged by many, including the Naval Commander Dolores Marquez. Wandas’ bodyguard and the Ambassador to the Dallian Confederacy had also been killed but had been raised and recounted the event. Ivo Gunduli, the Ambassador stated that the queen had been kidnapped by masked men with Firenzian accents. (Firenz Nobility wear masks)

The group found their commander Erich near the command tent. There was a loud exchange from the command tent. Erich explained that Pio, the ruler of Taba was in “discussion” with Javier about his unauthorized mission to the loading docks of the Veristani. Javier had disobeyed orders about protecting the city and had conducted the raid.

Erich spoke to the group about rumors that Egil the invading chieftain, was satisfied with his victories thus far and wanted to pull out. The rumors also included a shaman named Astrid wanted the campaign to continue to make his mark as a great leader.

Erich ordered the group to find prisoners and bring them back for interrogation. The group complied and found a man and a woman whom were having a romantic liaison. The group guarding the amorous couple were not very good and soon they were prisoners.

After dropping off their prisoners the group went out again on the same mission. They ran into a trio,Two of them being cavaliers and the other a wizard of some sort. The sorcerer was captured.

The torches glare barely cut through the darkness of the chamber. Seven men dressed in blue and gold robes sat around a circular table which has a symbol of a sword through a gold coin. The man, older than most of the others with a black goatee with flecks of white in it stood up and spoke.
“Thank you for your report Anton. Gentlemen, our plans for fomenting war in both the Dallian Confederacy and in Hebrean are succeeding well. We anticipate adding considerable wealth from this”
He sat down and the seven men raised gold cups and toasted to their success.

Pedro and Miguel

Swit 11, 12 501 4th age

Both Pedro and Miguel were awoken by a loud sound at their prison door. Both were in a sound sleep dreaming of being home eating good food and being back with their wives and children. They had been captured by the Veristani and were being ransomed back to their families. While the two of them were not in the lap of luxury in their prison, they were much better off then some of the others that were there. They tried not to mingle too much with the others.

After awakening, they heard a voice yelling at them to get out and tossed two swords their way on the ground. Since neither of them used a large sword, they decided to stay put. They watched the stranger and a second stranger carrying the great swords and drop them off after opening the doors. Many of the men were still very sleepy and not sure what was going on. From their vantage point, Pedro and Miguel watched the other prisoners begin to move out. They could see that some of the men had no idea of how to swing such a weapon while others were sizing up the weapon.

A flash of fire frightened the two men and both were horrified to see several of the men burnt to a crisp. They decided to move back further into their dorm. It was fortunate as a second blast killed others and singed those who came barging in to “rescue” them. They looked at each other and peered through the holes in the structure. All they could see was lots of their captors in brutal hand to hand combat with the intruders. They saw the sorcerer get killed as well as his body guard by a dwarf. The fight seemed to go on forever and a horn was blown in the distance and the two men looked at each other and both said at the same time, now what?

They watched the small group drag away the sorcerer and his body guard and peered outside. They saw death all over the place. The two of them spoke to each other and began to argue about whether or not they should flee or go back to their cell. The arguement stemmed from the the fact that neither of them knew whether or not their ransoms had been paid. They heard the horns blowing and that the small group had left. There were not many of the guards left and the Red Crusaders were pretty worthless, the entire group had drunk and whored last night and none of them came out of their tents.

The two of them decided to leave but would wander by the sorcerers tent before leaving to see if they could find some money, perhaps more than their ransom which would be good. They scurried around and noted that horns blew again and could see cavalry in the distance. They looked at each other and decided that they needed to get away without looking at the tent.

As they ran away towards the river, two cavalry men came from behind and since it was still dark, they mistook the two for soldiers and rode them down.

UGNUT goes down

Swit 10,11 501 4th age

the group buried their dead and spent the night resting. The next morning while moving out they spied a group of three barbarians escorting a single warrior. They proceeded to rescue him and found that he was a Firenzian named Forge. He had been with another scouting party which was ambushed and he was captured. He was also part of the Falcon Raiders merc group which was stationed in another part of the coast.

They ran into a supply convoy and ambushed it and were successful in defeating the guards. They took the wagons back to the base camp of the army. They spotted the Home Guard Cavalry at the base, resplendent in their plate and armored horses. Their commander,Javier Penalosa, according to rumor had disobeyed the orders of Gilberto Avalos, the prefect of the province and came forward. He was in arguement with the ruler of Taba, Pio. Pio wanted the cavalry to protect the outside edges of the city while Javier wanted to swing north and attack the staging area of the longships.

The group stayed away from the argument and met with Erich whom suggested that they continue their guerrilla war against the back lines. The group went out and found a group led by the lady cleric whom had stripped them of their goods before. Ugnut’s friend, a dwarf named Yoshei had joined with her the last time to keep his swords and was there also.

The group ambushed the group and was successful except for the loss of Ugnut. Yoshei turned on the clerics group when he saw Ugnut go down.

death comes in twos

Swit 8,9 501 4th age

The group awoke outside of the city of Taba, watching troops move out to engage the enemy. The group waited patiently for the troops to leave before entering the city. As they entered the city they noticed that it was set in concentric circles with the lower class and temples being in the outer ring. The group noticed a speech was going on near the temple of HELME which was across the way from the temple of SMERC. The priestess of Helme was telling the populace not to resist the invaders. Carlo Renzo although he doesn’t speak Hebrean, got the translation from another of the group and began to yell back at the priestess. He persisted until the guards for the priestess came forth to silence him. A scuffle ensued. As the fight was going on, the group noted a priest, wearing a gold mask from the temple of Smerc smiling at the goings on.

The group eventually seperated from the guards and went to find something to eat. They found it at the Silver Fish and ate a hearty breakfast while discussing their options. They finally decided to head to the front to see if they could find Erich.

They left Taba and was on their way when they spied a group of veristani warriors running through a wooded area. They decided to attack the group. They also spotted a dwarf warrior and a half orc on the other side also attacking. The group got trashed by the warriors except for Khalid ibn Farouq and the half orc named Ugnak.

When the rest of the group woke up they were tied up. A priestess of Wognar offered each a choice. Their equipment and money were taken away. She said option one as to join the Veristani in their fight against the Hebreans, second option was to walk away and not join the fight anymore. The second time they would fight against her, their lives would be forfeit. The group chose to walk, with the dwarf deciding that he would remain only if he would get his ancestorial weapons back. His name was Yoshei.

grumbling the group nearly wandered into a retreating unit of the Hebrean army and followed it back to a base camp. There they met again with Erich and were given replacement weapons and armor. They got to know Ugnak. Erich then sent the group off to harass the Veristani supply lines. After traveling for awhile, khalid and Kethaliel who were scouting ahead spotted a group of Saurigs(Lizardfolk) which were unusual for the area. They were in a encampement and were led by two of the Red Crusaders(mercenary group).

An attack plan was formulated and excecuted. Although successful, Khalid and Kethaliel went down under the ravening teeth of the Saurigs.

A retreat
two comrades die

Swit 1-7 501 4th age

The group was set down along the coastline some 40 miles from Miri Noche and some 10 miles from one of the large defense towers along the Rista River. The temperature was hot and humid. The group had a a small two level tower to live in and a beach that had three levels to it. Erich, their temporary leader gave them some instructions, mostly not to die as they were not getting paid well for this job and if things went bad, regroup at a place called the lost tower.

In addition to the group, a member of the White Company, Edu Appledoon was with the group. Edu made friends with the group and pitched in digging choke points for the exits from the beach. The work was tiring and hot. If the person wasn’t working they were in the ocean trying to keep cool as the temperatures went well above 100 degrees while they were there.

Finally, a sail appeared. As the group observed, they noticed that there was a second ship being towed by the long ship. The second ship detached from the larger one and made directly for the shores while the larger ship would make a later landing. The group engaged in arrow fight with the second ship, the group also noticed that the crew of the second ship were not Veristani in nature but mercs from the Red Crusaders.

The ramps came down as the ship grounded itself to the shore, and coming down the ramps were Kobolds. The group fought but were almost overwhelmed by the Kobolds. In the meantime, KELTAIN got separated from the group and went after the human invaders. He was overrun by the humans as the main group scrambled and beat the kobolds, and the Red Crusaders and saw that things were turning bad. Wolfram Trogar noticed that Keltain was down and went to save him and two to buy time for the group to take the smaller boat and get away. Wolfram presented a challenge to the band attacking him but failed completely in taking out any of the invaders but the group got away.

They sailed to the west and re-landed some 15 miles to the west where they made their way to the lost tower. There they found about a dozen dead mercs, all killed by something. The group searched around the tower. Eventually they found that a ooze like creature that was responsible for the deaths. After dispatching the creature, other survivors showed up and the group recognized the two of them as folks they met at sea. Their story was similar to what happened to the group. It was decided to head to Taba to warn the folks there. They reached there after nightfall and found the gates closed to them but the guards said that the invaders were at the river.


Aria 19-30 501 4th age

the group left Aruedas and spent the night at Castelo Araujo where they were attacked by a cockatrice. The group survived the attack and when near the village of Nosinos, they met a young woman with torn white clothing and a knife. Her name was Angie and she had escaped from Nosinos where her father had arranged a marriage to a merchant named Miguel whom she despised. She had refused and her father had hit her. She asked to be taken with the group to wherever they were going. The group debated for awhile and took a vote. The vote was 4-2 for taking the girl with them.

As they were passing around Nosinos, they encountered the jilted merchant whom tried to bribe them and then threaten them but eventually backed off. The group made it to QUEGO where the girl was taken in at the Albert to work as a laundry maid. The group went down to the docks to meet with Helio Porto to find new jobs, there were several offers but the group decided to go to Hebrean to help ward off potential invaders. the ship would leave in four days, while meeting with Helio they met some folks from two other merc companies, the White Company and Caines Raiders. The group headed out to see if they could sell off their goods which they captured from the bandits and increased their funds.

While waiting at the Albert, an attractive woman sat with the group. Her name was Vera Gimenez and she wanted protection from her husband who was drunk. She tossed money to the group and the group agreed. Kethaliael spotted somebody acting suspiciously who had left so the group decided to go to another tavern, the Tres Brujas(three witches) a watering hole for locales.

Apparently the husband found out and wandered into the tavern. A fight ensued with most of the group going down unconcious before the husband, a priest of SMERC. The group wanted to loot the priest but the lady said no and the group agreed

After resting up the group made their way to the Gallant Griffin the ship they were taking. They found that the mercs that they had met were also going along. The trip was uneventful, the captain told the group that their commander was in the Dallian Confederacy organizing things

The group made it to the north coast of Hebrean where they met one of the subcommanders from their mercenary company a man named Erich who assigned the group to the far eastern area. the group left.


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