Campaign of the Month: October 2007

Beldorn's Reflection


SHARRA 9-10 501 4TH AGE

The coinmonger was discovered in a hotel room with his lady friend. He confessed his crimes. The group took him back to the castle in Dera and left him in the hands of Khalid. He had confessed that he got paid well by Cleon, the high priest of Smerc to sell off Saleed. Saleed was also set up to be the king of Luxor by possibly Bane. They also found out that it was possible that Luxor would be a nexus site for several planes of existence. The group found that Saleed was imprisioned in Limbo.

The group went back to the crystalline structure and found new occupants in the area and defeated them and went through the gateway to Limbo. There they found the Last inn and talked to the barkeeper and found a Slaad guide to the probable imprisoned area of Saleed, the third layer of Limbo, the lair of Agni, a land of fire. The guide left the group and the stairwell between the layers and started down where occasionally they would see something falling down the main space between the narrow stairwell.

They caught one of these falling victims, a blue skinned goblinoid named Aaschye who seemed to have some knowledge of this place although he seemed to want to go to the second plane, which was a water plane.

The group attempted to go into the fiery plane but the heat drove them back, they decided that they needed some magical aid to get through the heat and fire. Aaschye, knew of a maker of potions named Mortain who might be able to provide assistance in that direction.

The group ended up at the level of Susanawo, a water level. They entered the place and found that they had to go underwater to get to an airfilled bar. The barkeeps name was Falah and he sent for Mortain.


SHARRA 5-8 501 4TH AGE
The group looked at the city of Cufenieu from the spike of land which sits in the middle of the bay overlooking the city. The group noted a man kneeling before a lady and presenting her with ring. The group went down to the base where the various transports to the land awaited. The group pulled their folding boat out and went into the harbor where they were met by officials whom were directing traffic into the berths.

After landing they went directly to the Temple of Helm. Davos has knowledge of the city and the trip was pretty uneventful. They met the high priest of Helm who could resurrect the four folks that they had brought to be brought back. The process took a couple of days, in which all were resurrected.

The group questioned the brought back to Luxor, finding out what they could, which was little. From Saleed the genie, they found out it was a group of black bodied humanoids with glowing red eyes that attacked him. Vassily the frost mage, grudgingly thanked the group and was to talk about a cease fire in the east. They talked to Khalid the genie to see if he could find the representative of Smerc to talk to her. The two mercenary captains, they talked and had tentative agreements and decided to help speed them on their way and to find the coinmonger whom had been behind everything.

The butcher is caught

Neusan Sharra 3,4 501 4th Age

The group headed back up to the mountains to find the Butcher and to get the reward before Feuzi beat them. They stopped for the night and set up camp. Kyran set up walls of stone to create a protective barrier against the cold of the mountains and the group went to sleep, with Brock on watch.

Brock thought he saw something in the woods and notified some of the group and went off to check it out. In the meantime, a tanglefoot bag and a thunderstone went off in the space, entangling sharky and deafening Kyran. A figure dropped down and struck at Brovan, doing significant damage to him.

Their foe having thought he had the upper hand soon realized that he was in significant trouble and tried cutting his way through Brovan, whom again survived major damage and was still up, this foe went down.

In the meantime Brock was looking about but another person snuck by him and attacked the group. Kyran had summoned a creature to look about for anything going on and the creature passed out of sight continuing its patrol. The second person was an elvish archer whom had some sort of misfortune shooting at the party and was easily dispatched.

Brock was also walking along when he spied two people, both of whom he had met. Feuzi and Jemar. Feuzi attempts a spell on Brock and hurts him. Brocks scream brings Brovan out to assist him and he meets Jemar who is also a dwarf. Brovan had been healed up by the oracle before so was in good shape to fight him. Kyran also ran out to help Brock and spotted Feuzi. A deadly spell war began. Kyran was mentally assaulted by Feuzi and Kyran resisted and launched a counter assault.

In the end the four opponents laid on the ground all unconscious and tied up. The Butcher and his compatriot were questioned and tied up Jemar was talked to and after he told his story, the group decided to ask him to join them and he did. Kyran had a special hate for Feuzi and was willing to do him in but he was also brought back.

The group got its reward and its marching orders to head south to a uncertain situation for their commander had been murdered and it could be the fault of the king whos country which they were heading.

Sh*t hits the fan

Eastern Luxor Sharra 4,5 501 4th age

The group waited at the castle to meet with Saleed. Franz had rejoined the group while Gregori went off on a different mission. The king was to meet with a couple of Mercenary commanders and Saleed wanted to have them listen to the petitioners.

The first in was Emil Caine, leader of Caines Raiders, they had been involved in the fight in Neusan against the forces of Nordstat and Mercenaries. Caine looked every bit the professional soldier in his presentation of what his unit could do for the kingdom. Saleed thanked him for his time and would discuss things with his advisors.

The second commander came in after Caine left. She was a very striking woman and also very professional looking. She was definitely less warrior than Caine. She introduced herself as Angelina Basine, commander of the Red Crusaders. The Red Crusaders had a less than stellar reputation within the community. She presented her case and was subjected to a series of questions. She was forthright in her answers. A coup had replaced the previous leadership and she had complete control of the organization, and those whom were troublemakers were hung as a sign of restoring discipline.

She offered a discount on the standard rate. Saleed told her that he would consider her offer. As she left the final petitioner was ushered in. It was the Rus ambassador Vassialy the frost mage. The temperature dropped perceptibly as he entered. He repeated his demand that Darrius brother, Pavel be released to him and demanded an answer by the end of the day.

After a short discussion with Saleed, the group teleported back to the crystalline structure to see if there were anybody there and close the opening to limbo. They fought two creatures whom appeared be left as guard dogs and spent the rest of the day and night in closing the entrance. In the end they tumbled down some of the stone in the inner structure to keep it closed. They teleported back in the morning to find chaos at the castle.

During the night parties unknown launched a large and powerful attack. Saleed, and Pavel were taken, the mercenary heads were killed as was the frost mage and Saleeds Genie advisor Khalid. The new honor guard that had been unveiled just the day before were torn apart.

Khalid’s body was found in a shaft which lowered hay to the horses in the underground stables. The merc and frost mages bodies were missing parts of their body to make any raise dead attempt more difficult. The frost mage and the commanders assistants were all missing and it was discovered that each was given a wine which was poisioned.

Darrius and Forge teleported to the druid pond with the merc captains and the frost mage and attempted to raise them. The attempt failed with all of them. They were met there by a unknown hostile whom they drove off. In the meantime a winter storm of unusual intensity brewed up about them.

The others searched around the rooms of the murdered captains, in one room a locket with the symbol of the faceless ones an assassins guild was found, almost too easily in some opinions. Speak with dead was tried on first one of the honor guards whom told of a beast that killed them with a single blow. They then tried another speak with khalid and he was asked whom he thought might be behind the attack. His response kind of shocked the group. A coinmonger named Phillip whom had been with Saleed for a long time was his suspect. The group went to find phillip and had found that he had left the day before with a courtesan named Marissa. A search of his place found that he had been living far beyond his normal means, he particularly seemed to favor a Patulan artist name Paulo Santos whose paintings crowded his walls.

Darrius and Forge returned and the winter storm struck at the castle area. With the failure of the raise deads, information about whom could resurrect somebody was needed and found. A priest of Helm in the caton of Fulda was a likely candidate, the problem being that Darrius had never been there before and they wanted to scry Phillip also. They found a bard in the city named Maurice whom scryed the city that they needed to teleport to, Maurice showed Darrius a central plaza with a column and a view of the bay. Phillip escaped the scrying of the Bard.

They teleported to Cufeniu with out incident.

Getting marching orders

Neusan (fens) Sharra 2 501 4th age

The group left the glowing gate and found out about another group of stragglers from nordstat whom were causing problems in the Neusan region. This group seemed to be a bit more difficult to deal with but the group overcame them.

As they were moving on Alyissa came upon them and told them that the creatures had marched through the opening and that Tak was dead. She was near hysterical. The group decided that they needed additional help and went to their local commander whom told them that they were soon to get new marching orders and possibly there would somebody to give them a hand with the problem.

banes back
why do they want my brother

Sharra 2,3 501 4th age

The group decided to go see what the crystal tower was about. Gregori and Franz were delegated to another job. Darrius teleported the remaining group to just outside the tower. They figured the tower dimensions at 90ft tall, 160 ft. wide and 230 deep, more of a rectangular dome. The crystal somewhat translucent and they could see movement inside it. There was a discolored triangle shape at the bottom which they figured to be a door of some sort.

After figuring out how to open the door, they found the shapes that they noticed to be kind of crystalline spider. Also inside was a circular tower with a small opening near the top. A voice called out to them. “Welcome to the temple of Bane, and submit to him.” This obviously set the group off and they attacked the spiders, while battling the spiders, creatures appeared from the inside tower and arrows came flying out from up high. Forge went down in fight and the others took lots of damage. Darrius directed fireballs up near where he could see the arrows launching down at him and others. Finally the bad guys were dispatched. Taz and Davos went to the opening at the top of the tower; Davos went in first and just disappeared, taz fearing for his friend also jumped in.

They found themselves in a strange place; everything in sight was a churning mess of things. Eventually Taz at first, then Davos found that they could create a stable platform for each of them to walk on. They however were lost, where they didn’t know. They moved along and spotted a structure, which looked like living flesh. They went in and found a place that resembled a bar, they saw creatures that they had never seen before and didn’t understand the languages at all. The gnome barkeeper handed Davos a drink and after consuming it he could understand the language. They were in a place called the Last inn and were stuck in Limbo.

Davos tried to use his wiles but was unsuccessful until a human who seemed to be a wizard beckoned to him and asked some questions. His name was Winston and he figured out where Taz and Davos were to be. He guided them to a colored spot and told them to step through. They did and came out in a closet in a home back in Dera Luxor.

In the meantime, Darrius took the body of Forge back to the special pond in the Woods and brought him back to life. They then teleported back to Dera Castle. They wanted an audience with King Saleed and found that a Frost Mage whom they had met in the past was also waiting to see the king. Darrius pushed and got the steward to push them ahead of the Rus Ice Mage.

They also asked to stay when the Ice mage met. Saleed agreed. Vassilyi the ice mage didn’t want the two of them in there but allowed it to happen. Vassilyi wanted Saleed to release Darius brother, Pavel back to the Rus. Saleed said he would think about it.
Darrius and Forge went to Pavel’s prison cell and began to question him about why would the Ice Mages want him back. All Pavel would say was that he was just a soldier and didn’t know why they would want him back.

how come they have big birds

Eastern Loxor Sharra 1 501 4th age

The group went back to the ruined prison to inspect the remaining closed cell doors, trying to determine what still laid behind them when they were greeted by an old friend whom they had not seen in awhile, Forge whom had been helping to organize troops from Fulda and Loxor to defend the southeastern part of the lands. He had split off days before to look for his friends and had finally done so.

Forge joined the others Taz, Darrius, Franz, Gregori and Davos in looking around. They had discussed what they had found before, a series of tapestries telling the story of the elves decision to bring demons to fight the drow and their apparent leaving of this place to someplace unknown via strange vessels whom the tapestries proclaimed were in the heavens above.

Their stories were interrupted by a rider from the army Forge had left. His horse was nearly dead from exhaustion as was he. “My lords, I have to report that we were defeated by a superior force, our commander died early in the combat as did the second. We estimated our losses to be some 30%. We did retreat in good order though. The army was apparently a second army from Russ and they had the Red bears mercenary group with them. The second part of the report was that there was some structure being built near the swamps.
The group gathered together to let Darrius teleport to somewhere near the opposing army and did so.

They came near near a small town that they had passed through before. It was a smoldering ruins. The group sent Tazbane into the air to see if he could see the army in the distance. He eventually made out a blob which was probably the army in the distance and looking in the other direction he could spy out a glint which was probably the structure.

As the group was discussing things, two fireballs landed among them before they could react. Looking up there three large birds Rocs, with two riders each on them. Darrius took the inititiave and dimensioned door him and Taz, to the one bird where they determined the spell caster to be. Taz ended up tossing the controller off the bird and it went out of control nearly tossing Darrius off the bird. The spell caster launched herself off the bird and was floating along. Taz flying charged her and hit her hard. She attempted to back up and one of taz’s special abilities allowed him to attack her again taking her out of the combat.
In the meantime, the other riders peppered mostly forge with arrows as he was only able to mount ineffectual attacks on them. Darrius, using his recently discovered powers that he received from his brother went on the offensive and helped to eventually destroy the bird riders.

The group then went back to the castle to discuss what they had seen, and it was decided to check out the structure since the army would take time to advance and although damaged the defenders were to defend the area.

Neusan-Baltoace(fens) Sharra 1 501 4th age

Tak and Brok came back after seeing the dead bodies of the soldiers before them. The group went into a discussion about what caused their deaths. It was decided that they would continue to the abandoned structure in the middle of the area.

They came upon the structure where they found strange humanoids standing about a glowing lavender space floating just above the ground of the structure. The humanoids were wearing heavy clothing heavy hoods, all that could be seen of their faces was wriggling tentacles. They spoke to the group and demanded that they leave the area for this now belonged to them. The group disagreed and a fight broke out. The creatures were destroyed and Brok took a chance and peered through the screen. He spied a golden city and lots of other creatures about and came back to the group and told them what he had seen.

other fronts
secondary group

Oghma 24, 501 4th age, Falbrek Neusan Dallian Confederacy.

Oghma 24, 501 4th age, Falbrek Neusan Dallian Confederacy. The treacherous back and forth for the bridge there stopped very suddenly. Ester the Red Crusader leader of the troops trying to get across the bridge was killed by a group from the Caines Raiders Mercenary group.

Apparently the group had a couple of run ins with her before the final struggle. The story goes that Aloyius the commander of the defense group dealing with keeping the bridge closed, became angry with the group for their previous failure which had decimated what little reserves he had and was going to be forced to retreat and allow Norstat and allies to march into the rich interior of Neusan.

Both sides were depleted by the savagery of the fight. Both sides brought in spellcasters in attempts to get an advantage and they were summarily killed on each side.

The final result was that the Norstats had to retreat from their positions almost to the original line of invasion. It is late in the campaign year.


Oghma 25, 26 501 4th age

The group returned to the prison area and went down into the compound itself. They found a large chamber with what appeared to be prisonlike entrances with glows above them. There was also an escaped rather large demon within the chamber. The demon sniffed out the half elf Davos within the group and demanded that he be given to him, for the treachery of the elves whom had imprisoned him in there.

He promised that the remainder of the group could leave as all he wanted was the elf. The group refused and the demon began to summon aid for himself against the group he knew was dangerous to him. The fight ensued, a brutal and nasty fight. Franz nearly went down as did Darrius and Greogori.

As the fight began to dwindle down, Darrius and Davos spied a small door and went to it. They opened it and found that it appeared to be a council room with linen banners on the wall and a drawing of a vessel which resembled a butterfly. Darrius remembered a dim legend of vessels that could fly in the sky and beyond. the two of them looked at the elvish script and discerned that some elves had boarded this vessel and had left for parts unknown.

Demons working for Elves?

Oghma 24-25 501 4th age.

Franz was brought back to life in the pond in the Forest Anguish. As he was redressing himself, two figures appeared near the pond. One was the alchemist, whom had been working on things at the lab In the castle and an new person, A swashbuckler whom was the friend of the king of Fulda and was his primary troubleshooter.

They met the group and went back to hunting down the invading army. They found the army still within the woods at a strange series of buildings. It was discovered to be a prison structure. The lady was within the structure, seemed to be encouraging the troops, Darrius and the alchemist decided that they would take out the lone flying drake left to the army, which they did. They retreated quickly when the lady turned into a black dragon.
The group then attacked the frost giants and the battle went long and hard. Gregori was killed during the fight but the group took down nearly all the remaining frost giants. The cleric and two others got away and the group didn’t see the cold riders at all. They then looked at the structure and found elvish writing about this place. It was built two ages ago, the story goes that the elves were in a major conflict with their dark brethren yet again. This time however the dark ones were winning the fight. The elves decided that they needed something nastier in a fight and discussed the option of summoning demons, many were opposed to it, for the demons always demanded something.

The situation became desperate enough that the ruling council agreed to this and the demons were summoned. Hard negoiations took place but the demons were unleashed against the drow. Many of the elves however had no intention of honoring the agreements and rapidly built a prison to hold the demons that they could not banish. The demons help to defeat the dark elves and came back to demand their payment.

It is unknown how many of the elves died in putting the demons in the prision, but the demons were eventually imprisoned. Most have vowed vengeance on the elvish race if they got out. The place was then hidden in a forest which the elves have manufactured to hide them. They created a story to keep the curious out of the of the forest.


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