Dallian Confederacy


The Dallian confederacy sits along the eastern border of Firenz and to the north of Baldamar. It consists of thirteen smaller duchies who sometimes work with each other. Mostly there is constant small warfare between the duchies. There are three of these duchies who border Firenz.

The names of the thirteen duchies are Osterman, Auswer, Farund, Nuesan, Nordstat, Marsten, Saxony, Koblenz, Berstan, Invernes, Fulda, Gesen, and Loxor.

The rulers of these duchies have intermarried and have arranged marriages so most of the rulers are related to each other.

Nordstat, Berstan, and Loxor are open to the Bleak lands to the east. The lands of the Forlorn four are swampy, heavily wooded and tend to be in a constant fog. The folks there keep to themselves for the most part. The rulers names are Cezar Ciora(Nordstat), Ion Nica(Berstan), Marku Istok (Koblenz), and Serin Sandalescu(Loxor)

These duchies meet twice a year at Saxony to discuss problems and other assorted things.

The coastal realms are Fulda, Inverness, and marsten. All of these face the Potapas Sea. Each has a port which is decent size. At Fulda the city of Cufeniu is the port. It is a picturesque city. The city sits on a gentle hillside which extends several miles inland. The river cuts its way through one side of the hill.

The buildings are all painted similar to that of the various places in patula. There is a wall that circles the far edges of the city.

Dallian Confederacy

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