Firenz is a dictatorship that has been in control for the last 150 years. The society is stratified into layers who wear masks to conceal their identities. The wizards wear serpent masks, the warriors wear bear masks, the priests wear images of their deities. The general populace doesn’t wear masks and the aristrocracy wears a mask of Insects.

The rulers name is Jurgen and he is nicknamed the ironhand. He has started in the last twenty years a program of destruction of non humankind by using them in experiments. He worships Gond the god of the invention and communicates with the outer planes.

He has a particular hatred of the Gnomish race and has sentenced thousands to death.

The priesthoods of Wojnar and Andrign are the favored of Jurgen. Most of the other religions are put down or are not supported by the state in any way.

Within the empire there are people who are against Jurgen and his tactics of death for the non human races. Several of the Andrign priests who work and create the items for Jurgen are trying to aid in the escape of the non humans. They have saved thousands but many of them have been caught and imprisoned themselves.

There are allies in the other countries. Many had offered to take the non humans but Ironhand refused for some reason.


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