Green Isles

The green isles lie to the north of the Dutchies of Haldamar. There are two islands in the group. Two of them are inhabited and are of significant size. The uninhabited island is named and the largest is Vendyr. The ground there seems to prevent any sort of life to grow. It is mountainous from the little explored of it. The most violent weather patterns seem to grow from it.

The island is named Aleran. Aleran has two provinces under one rule by a despotic ruler. The Ruling country is Aleran. It has most of the arable land on the island. The land is broken into parishes, each ruled by a hereditary leader who swears allegiance to the ruling family. It is primarily Aleran, which makes deals with its neighbors across the ocean.

To the north in the mountainous part of Aleran, there lies the kingdom of Tosmat. It is in the mountainous part of the island. The land is poor for growing generally cattle and sheep are bred there. The allegiance is to the clan of which there are over 100 in the area. Tosmat was conquered during the previous ages and has never had self-rule. There are Aleran nobles within the country holding title and meting out justice as they see fit.

All native priests are called druids although they may represent other beliefs. The priests brought by the Alerans have continuously tried to make conversions but the Tosmatians are not being swayed and continue to worship their deities. Some of the druids are war gods (Tempus) as Morrigan, and there are others.

Wizards and sorcerers are not welcome nor are psionists. Many of the practioners have met death in strange ways.


Aleran has been absolute ruler of its island as long as records have been kept. It has survived two internal uprisings as well as one by the Tosmatians and invasions by the duchies of Haldamar and Handre. The Royal family (the Haslings) has ruled for the last 600 years and although despotic has generally increased the wealth of all its subjects. The land is broken into parishes and all now swear loyality to the king.

The populace generally is in a caste system but a enterprising person can break that mold and in some cases are encouraged to do so by the ruling nobles who see this as a way to increase their wealth. The two most common ways to do this is to either serve in the navy or the land army.

The land near Tosmat is constantly patrolled and there is a wall that is going up to slow down any potiental invasion. Most of the nobles feel that the Tosmatians are never going to be united and keep watch on their neighbors to make sure that nobody is enciting the natives to uprise.

There are five parishes which cover from coast to coast and are the first line of defense against any incursions by the Tosmatians. They are named from west to east. Hestford, Clamans, Merwick, Ducanwick, and Losenford.

Clamans opens to the only large valley from the hill range which has the river restenford which eventually flows to the channel and eventually becomes the largest river on the island. The Restenford has changed course many times in its history forcing changes to the ruling houses so there are a series of manor houses that have been abandoned over the years.

The land of the parishes is not of a great production variety although a significant amount of hearty style of wheat is grown here as well as cattle and sheep. Most of which are shipped to the more southern parishes in exchange for other goods.

Green Isles

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