The king was Emmanuel who has just passed away without having an Heir. His wife is Wanda who is the daughter of the king of Nordstat in the Dallian Confederacy. There are many whom do not want the queen to ascend the throne, in particular the admiral of the Navy, Dolores Marquez. Dolores is a sea mage. Many of the merchant companies are also against the succession and many have gotten behind the Merchant minister Rolmulo Urizar. Its fleet is second only to Patula and the fleet sails to the continents of Nafraan and to the kingdoms of Veran, Hisponia, and Samaran. Hebreans main competition for the merchant business is Paluta.

Hebrean is broken into four states. Esta to the north, Cauro in the middle, Glode near Patula and Arue which borders on the Mirellean border. All the states except Arue have coastal sections. Glode’s coastline borders on the inland sea while the other coastlines are in the Balaran ocean.

Esta usually gets the brunt of the storms that come in from the Balaran. The ports are all protected by breakwaters and natural features. The capital city of Queci also lies behind a barrier of woods which break up the intensity of the storms that come in.

To the south of Queci are the fertile plains that are filled with cattle and horses.

The lands of Esta have been a target for raiders from Aleran and Veristan. In particular the Yco river provides a convenient path to the city. Forts have been built at the mouth of the river to prevent intrusions and have been sites of many fights between the natives and the intruders.

Queci is the capital of the province and is located on the coast behind a barrier of coastal woods which tend to defect the major parts of the storm. Queci has a decent port and is a major trade port for the northern regions of the kingdom.


Dolores Marquez-Admiral of the Navy. She has been in charge of the navy both military and merchant for the last ten years. She was appointed by Emmanuel after serving both in the merchant and the State navy. She was captain of the fighting ship, Thunder when it captured and killed the famed pirate ship the Alida and Captain Charles Kennedy, a Aleran nicknamed Bloody Chuck with little loss of life to her crew. This brought her to the attention to Emmanuel the King.

From there she was given control of a squadron and then command of the navy. She has proved to be an able commander, driving the pirates from the major routes of the Merchant navy.

She dislikes Wanda as she is not Hebrean.


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