Helme is the eldest son of Wojnar and Magia and is the major watcher of his father and uncle. He is not liked by his brothers for things that he has seen that must be kept secret and hidden for protection of all. Helme is evasive and quiet but is the first to seek out the brothers and Mystra if either Wojnar, the uncle Smerc or Myscarah make plans.

Helme is also known as a keeper of secrets and mysteries.
Alignment: LN, color dark blue, gold trim,
Weapons; battle axe, dagger/dirk, javelin, knife, polearm, spear, swords
Domains Law, Strength, Protection, subdomain-archon, ferocity, resolve, defense. purity

Helme has the Cavalier order-Keepers of the Eye. They have the eye symbol upon their tabards. There is also a inquisitorial order for Helme. They are named the Seekers and also wear the symbol on their uniforms.

• Bonus feat endurance
• darkvision ability at 5th level


Beldorn's Reflection outrider