Justinian is the middle son of Wognar and Magia. He is the lawmaker and bringer of justice to any conflict that his father, uncle or cousins might bring. Justitian is like Helm in that he is unsmiling and has a predilection for preciseness. Justitian has as strict moral code which states that the truth must always be revealed, right the wrongs and be true and just in your actions.

He is intolerant of Helm because of his secrets

Colors White with Grey trim. stat min Int 12
weapons favored are the mace, spear and sword.
Domains: Good, Law, Protection

Losses: shield Proficiency

gains intimidate as a class skill, gains discern lie 1x day 1 round per level at creation.

The head of the church is named the Supreme Magistrate. The others are named justices of Justinian The Supreme Magistrate is named to office by the vote of all the justices from the area. A justice may put himself up or nominate a fellow justice. A calling of the court is set up and all the priests no matter how new or old they are required to attend. The candidates introduce themselves and present their case as to why they should be the Supreme Magistrate. This is then voted on by the court and the one with the most votes wins. In case of a tie, the tying justices will again address the court and present their case and will be voted on. If there is again a tie, the process will start again with the tying justices. There have been cases where weeks have gone by without a winner. No body is allowed to leave once the procedure has begun.

The Supreme Magistrate is elected for life and his views of the laws are the ones that the priesthood will use for their philosophy.


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