Lunara is the goddess of the night and the cycle of life. She emerges from her death to full radiance in fourteen days and falls to her death only to be reborn. She is the deity of fertility as well as lycanthropes.

Temples of Lunara are circular in shape with the various phases of the moon depicted about its outside. The phase of the moon lights up each night. The windows are blacken and the doors are stout. Within the temple, light is only moonlight except for the visitor areas. The offices and quarters are along the outside edge with the temple in the middle.
The priestess themselves are nearly albino in appearance. If they appear outside they wear broad brimmed hats and are nearly covered from head to front.

Align cg Color black and silver. female only
Weapons: bow,javelin,spear, Armor any non metallic, shield non metal
Domains: Heal, travel, Madness, subdomains. restoration, resurrection, exploration, trade, insanity, nightmare



• gain stealth as a class skill
• on nights of the full moon a priestess of Lunara casts as one level higher for purposes of duration, amount of damage, and range. On nights of new moon cast as one level lower.

Church Hierarchy-the head of the church is addressed as the Divine Radiant Glory of the Moon. The informal name is MoonGlory. The Moonglory is elected for life by a council of priests who are Waxers and Waners. The Moonglory has complete power and may dictate policy and change anything she may want to at her discretion.

The Moonglory is usually a woman of any race that is a priestess of Lunara.
The Waxers and Waners are chosen for a period of 5 years. New priests are chosen by the remaining 9 on the council. The council always meets on Wojnar 30 and other dates chosen by the council. The council’s primary function is to advise the moonglory on any matters they deem necessary.

The Waxers and Waners have power in proportion to the time of the month. On the three days of the new and old moon, all have the same voting powers. After the new moon, the Waxers count as two votes and after the full moon the Waners count as two votes.


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