Oghma is the god of Knowledge and wisdom. He seeks knowledge as a continuing quest. The knowledge is shareable with those who seek to learn and use this knowledge. All of the deities use Oghma for his knowledge.

He is the child of Swit and Lunara. He is their illegitimate son.
priests of Oghma tend to be LN
colors: Grey
weapons: any bludgeoning

Domains: Knowledge, travel, subdomains memory, thought, exploration

At 4th level the priest may gain a special type of familiar. It is called a larsas and is created in a major temple in a special ceremony. The larsas is summoned and is named by its master. The larsas acts as a living scroll. It will record items told by its master. The larsas moves at the same speed as the priest. It has an armor class of 20 which increases AC at each level after being acquired and has 6 hp per level of the priest. It has a SR 15 plus1 per caster level. The scroll has a int, wisdom score of 15+d6. A Larsas gains 4 skill points per level of priest after being acquired. It starts with 10 points in each of the knowledge skills. the 10 points per skill are not modified by class or wisdom bonuses at the start. It follows the rules of no more than one rank per level of caster. The Larsas speaks to its master and may have a personality. It follows contruct rules for damage and spells. The Larsas is size small and its bonus is included above. Its will save is based on its wisdom and level of the cleric.
Reflex save is poor.

The Larsas has no attack capability. If it is killed, the priest must make a Fort check. If failed the priest loses a level of experience until he can makes an atonement (to be determined by Ref). The priest must then seek forgiveness from the church and then he may try to summon another by the same ceremony.

The head of the Church is named Loremaster. All other priests are named lorefinders except for the special priests who sit at the church cataloging all the information. The head church is found in Yorkmere in Veran.

The Loremaster is selected from candidates who gather the most information at the time of the nomination. Three are selected to go before a council made up of six other priests who were not selected and the six will elect a Loremaster. This Loremaster will be in charge for a period of 10 years and will not be elected again. If the Loremaster dies before the time is up a new Loremaster will be selected using the same process.

When a person is raised from the dead, the priest of Oghma will write the history of the person on the corpse. This is part of the procedure.


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