Beldorn, in the past had another human pantheon which its people worshipped. These deities were overthrown and killed by what is generally called the invader deities. At a past point, three deities, Wojnar, Anduhar and Smerc came into the crystal sphere and attempted to make contact with the human deities. Anduhar made the first contact with the various deities. Anduhar was the honey tongued speaker of the three.

He made impassioned speeches about wandering of he, his brothers and others who were looking for a place to settle. He convinced many of the deities, both human and non-human that they could co-exist on the same sphere and that it would beneficial to all.

As the Invaders settled in, Anduhar began the subtle campaign to rid the world of the older pantheon. His smooth tongue convinced the dwarvish pantheon to aid them. Wojnar, in his way, courted and eventually married Magia, originally the elvish goddess of magic but ended up general goddess of magic. Smerc, the third brother also married into the original pantheon according to the records but the name of the wife is gone.

Wojnar and Magia had Helme as the first of the three sons and about the same time, Smerc and his wife came up with Bane and Anduhar continued to worm his way into the non-human deities and convince them that they would be better off with the Invader group as a whole.

The Long Night was the actual attack on those deities whom would be either destroyed, made to flee or join the three brothers and their allies. It was also the night of the birth of Justitian. After the bloodbath, the three brothers swore eternal alliance with the other deities. Soon after, Wojnar began to rebuild the world without consulting the non-human deities. Anduhar again with his words smoothed out the resentment. Wojnar did attempt to keep what was the non human areas as non human and some of them also were mollified by the arrangement.

It was after this that Wojnar and Smerc, along with Magia decided that that Anduhar was too dangerous to have him remain within the sphere and the three of them decided to remove him. This involved having each of the major races, sacrificing something of worth to build a ward which would prevent him from coming back into the crystal sphere. The three of them ambushed Anduhar and banished him from this sphere. This ward lasted until the end of the second age where his near return ushered in the third age.

The third age lasted nearly a thousand years until a artifact left behind by the original pantheon was triggered by a group of adventurers and Beldorn nearly ceased to exist.


The head of the pantheon is Wojnar with the other major race deities being just under him. Wojnar has a wife Majia and a brother Smerc and three sons, Reche, Helme and Justinian. Wojnar is the War god and is constantly trying to create conflict, while his wife and sons attempt to rein him in. Smerc is the God of death and is constantly trying to assist in the creating of the conflict and is hated by the three sons.

Smerc has his own offspring, Myscarah the god of intrigues, Zerstroung, the Storm god, and Burza the ocean god. Smerc also had another son, Bane whom he eventually destroyed by eating him as punishment for his attempt to overthrow Smerc.

Silvanus and Lunara are husband and wife with Andrign and Sorte as their sons

Swit and Lunara are twin brother and sister and had Oghma as their son

Besheba, Shar and Loviatar are the daughters of Anduhar. They are nicknamed the three harlots.
Bescherm, Vermogen and Beleza are the children of Majia but not of Wojnar. A rumor is that the children are of Anduhar.

Religion in the Duchies- Most folks in the Duchies tend to worship some deity or another. Some worship more than one deity. Sailors for example, tend to pay homage to Lunara, Zerstroung and Burza, particularly when they are going to sea. Merchants tend to worship Sorte and Oghma, fighters Wojnar etc.

Dead and resurrection-In general when somebody dies it is assumed to be part of the natural order of things even in war. Adventurers and some rich folk on the other hand have their own points of view on being raised. Where a commoner might might awed or somewhat afraid of anybody who has been brought back to life, an adventurer will scoff at it.

Within each religion, there may be factions who worship certain aspects of the deities and may have slightly differing abilities from the original deity. For example, Majia may have an aspect of her who may specialize in types of magic more heavily that her general bent. The deities have a lazie-faire attitude about their followers. As long as the followers follow the major tenet of the religion anything else is fine.

Each of the deities and the priesthoods will be described in the following section. Each of the priesthoods will have listings for the colors of the deity, the general alignment of the priests, the stat minimums required for entry into the priesthood, armor and weapon restrictions(not all priesthoods have the same starting abilities or special powers. The domains list for the deity and any other changes and background color for the priest will also be given.


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