Quego is the capital of Patula and is the seat of power for Patula. The city has a population of about 150.000 and its population is highly mixed. There are also many nationalities that reside here within its pastel painted stuccoed buildings. There are peoples from Nafraan, from the Duchies themselves and the trading nations to the west across the ocean.

The city itself is astride the Sira River. The river breaks into many channels before it reaches the harbor area. The harbor is capable of holding nearly one hundred ships in the main part of the port and others up the estuaries. The main part of the city sits on a hill overlooking the harbor. The harbor entrance has several towers along the entrance. There are two towers with the names of Difendere(Defender) and Stalwart. These towers have levels of bolt shooters and stone throwers. The defenders know what weight of stone and the distance that they travel from practice and are very accurate. The base of the towers are defended by well disciplined troops.

The city sits up on the six plateaus that overlook the bay. It is also nicknamed the bridge city as the city is connected on the upper levels by bridges that can be raised in an emergency. The bridges are all double raising bridges. The raising and lowering of the bridge takes about an hour. The structures that house the equipment are stone structures to prevent aerial attack. The other way down the plateaus is by road that circles around the plateaus. They are also easily blocked up.

The plateaus also each have their own water supplies which are in cisterns.

Here the Castelo Branco(white castle) stands at the top of the highest plateau, shining in its marble splendor looking down through the various walls that surround it. Castelo Branco is mostly a greeting house as most of the government workings are done within the hill. Castelo Branco has large gardens within its walls. Much of it is fruit and vegetable but there is the famous rose maze which has been there since the previous age. The teleport circle is within the Castelo Branco.

The second plateau is the foreigners quarters. The various duchies and that of other places have their government houses within the ring. These houses tend to have built within the style of their homes wherever they may be. Most of the people within this ring are foreigners.

The third plateau is the merchants district. Most of the national merchant houses have their primary headquarters within this section. This section has most of the temples scattered about here.

The forth is for the middle class that supports all the functions within the city at mid and upper levels.

The fifth is the warehouse quarter and the sixth is the paupers quarters

The paupers level is the lowest of the six plateaus and the lands on the south side of the river are for the working class, warehouses and the port. the temples of Burza, Lunaria and Zerstroung are located around the port. The harbor itself has a relatively narrow entrance and there are worries that it could be blocked up by hostile powers.

The port itself is broken into two sections. The northern part is for the Patulian Navy and the southern section is for the large merchant vessels who come in. The commercial fisherman use the western side of the harbor. At the harbor entrance at one of the towers is dedicated to signaling ships at sea and is the command center for the harbor masters.

All the roads within the city are cobblestoned and kept in reasonably good shape. Most of the upper levels are well lit at night and the streets, particularly in the port, rich merchant and foreign quarters are patrolled regularly by the local authorities and the military.

The merchants of Patula have schools in which they teach the rudiments of sailing and ship carpenters. There is also a large shipyard on the southside of the port. There are always ships being built and in drydock. The Patulan ships both military and civilian are being built and retrofitted with copper plates on the bottoms of their hulls to prevent rot and making cleaning of the ship easier.


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