Norov lies at the far edge of the Land of Rus. It runs the length of the land from sea to the great inland sea. It is bordered on the eastern edge by the kirov mountains, also known as the Great cold. The land is marked by large tracts of plains and woods. The land is reasonably fertile but it has a short growing season. The land is cut up by large rivers that run from the mountains and flow to the west.

The people of this land are the border princes domain. The border prince of this area is Constantine. He is about 40 an able and compenent adminstrator. The land is broken into estates, each covering a large area of territory. There are nonhumans who live in this land. The elves inhabit the forests but there are few dwarves there or gnomes. Both who have been driven out of the mountains in the past ages due to gates that have opened in the mountains.

Wizards, psionicists and sorcerers are treated with fear because the general populace fears treachery from them at all times. The exception is the order of the ember mages, whom the populace respects for their ability to fight the cold creatures from the great cold.

The religion of Helm is the dominate religion of the region. Helm attempts to suppress other priesthoods because of contradictory interpretations by the other religions in Helms opinion. The diety Auril is worshipped by the creatures of the great cold. Cyric is known as Ibrorighu

The order of the ember mages is a order dedicated to the protection of the peoples of Norov from the creatures of the Great Cold. This order has protected the population since the end of the second age. The rulers of the great cold realize this and wish to kill off the protectors. The Frost mage rulers often send assassins (nicknamed killer frosts) and other creatures to destroy the ember mages. The assassins are usually priests of Ibrorighu. Often the ember mages send their off spring to other lands to protect them from the forces that would attempt to destroy them. There is a brotherhood of the flame. It is a order that will protect the young ember mages and each has sworn his life to protect the young ember mages. Often the young ones are switched with children in other lands and have no knowledge of their heritage until a brother of the flame comes into their life and begins to instruct them on the great change that will await them as they mature.

At this time during the 4th age the frost mage alexev is aggressively pursuing the extinction of the ember mages.

At the edge of the Great Cold lies the Valgar river. It is about 1-2 miles in width and forms a barrier. There are three main bridges all built in the second age that span the rivers. There are the Lords of the bridges and their people who defend the bridges. The populace of the area supports the needs of these three Lords, The kismovs, the Kirovs and the Zhukhovs. Each of these lords has a large body of troops in which to defend the bridges and the lands nearby.

In the Norov region there are main support towns, Nevski, Kerov, Dorno and Perm. These places grow much of the regions food, and other items needed to support the lords.

To the east is the land of the Vangars, which are nomadic Norovans who claim no alliegence to the Border prince who resides in Kursk. Their land is bordered by the Dneper and and Valgar Rivers./ The nomads are well trained riders of the light ponies of the region. Wild plains outriders are a typical prestige class for these folks.

Bessarbia-The area is bounded by the Valgar, Dneper, and Kharkov Rivers. This is the primary invasion areas from the mountains. The castles Kirov and Kismov are the first line of defense and the rulers are charged to protect the

Regional feat

Nomad –Vangars

Prestige classes Brotherhood of the Flame (devoted defender) Ember mage-Book of Eldritch might Frost mage-Frostburn


Beldorn's Reflection outrider