Sorte is the god of luck and fortune. Sorte believes in the randomess of luck, it could be good or bad, although now he favors the good as Ongeluka whom he rebuffed in her advances to him in past, is a champion of bad luck and is now an enemy.
Sorte is the youngest son of Lunara and Silvanus.

align CG
Colors green and yellow.
Favored weapons club, quarterstaff and sling
Losses- loose shield proficency

Domains: good, luck, subdomain curse, fate

priests of Sorte roll dice each day as part of their prayer sequence. This is done in the light of the dawn wherever possible. The priest rolls 2d6 for the day. on a 2 or 12 they were unfortunate and get no spells. on a 7 or 11 they cast spells as if they were one level higher for purposes of duration, range and other effects.

The head of the church is entitled the Fatemaster and all others are called FateBringers. The head of the church is chosen by a lottery of all available candidates. To be considered a candidate one must be at least 11th level. All possible candidates names are brought to the House of Fate, and a candidate is selected from the lottery. This person now rules the church until his or her death and a new Fatemaster is selected.

Bless game level 1
Range 5” + 5/2 levels
Area of effect 15 foot radius
Duration 1 hour per level
Saving throw none
Component Divine focus

Any body cheating in a game of chance within the radius will glow a bright red


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