501 4th age
Helme 20 Battle of Nyashu- King Assuays forces are routed by the forces of the various nobles. Assuay has several mercenary companies in his employ, including the Falcon Raiders, and the War Company. The mercs are not slaughtered in the general retreat and are held prisoners for a period of time,

Helme 27 Assuary is assassinated along with his entire family. A council is made from the opposition, consisting of three major players. The council adresses the prisoners the next day, allowing them to live but are required to leave the country and not return. Luke Orha, the main leader makes a point by killing one of the native troops whom shows some resistance.

Helme 28, the mercs are loaded on ships to be deposited in various ports.

Aria 1, King Emmanuel passes away at the age of 80. His wife Wanda is to become Queen within a week of the burial.

Aria 8, word of King Emmanuel’s demise reaches the shores of Veristan. The king of Veristan begins to spread word.

Aria 10, The first of the ships bearing the remnants of the mercenary companies arrives at Quego Patula. There are three ships unloading mercenaries creating a surplus in the area.

Aria 16. Founders day celebration for Quego. This citywide celebration will go on for three days with many festivities.

Aria 17. Battle for Rega-Dallian Confederacy.

Swit 5 Veristani invasion of Hebrean. The Veristanis land on the beaches near the Rista River and travel south to Taba.

Swit 10 the Verstani make camp north of Taba and begin to unload the larger Longships and send out scouts to test Taba’s defenses

Swit 13 Wanda the queen is kidnapped. Her guards and the Ambassador to the Dallian Confederacy were killed. The ambassador has been raised from the dead and is talking to other officials.

Swit 14 battle for Luras-Dallian Confederacy

Swit 25 Ambassador from Rus survives attempted assassination. the Ambassador, Pavel Yazov kills the assassin by literally burning him.

Swit 27 Chama Aponi-a unit of White bears escorting a caravan to the port of Chama was wiped out by the rebel forces led by Joseph Booh Booh.

Swit 31 A wave of wraiths invaded the port of Vieta Patula, removing some 500 citizens. the mayor has called for the clerics in the city to assist in their removal.

Myscarah 2. The wraith invasion of Vieta Patula continues. The port and surrounding area have been quarantined off. It is hoped that none of the wraiths have gotten board ships going to other places.

Myscarah 8 Dallian Confederacy. battle of Cufeniu

Myscarah 9. Wraiths were spotted in the Port of Quego. Priests Wognar, Lunara and Magia stopped several the the undead.

Sorte 27th Veristan has a new overking and his name is Ostritari Egil Stenmark.

Wognar 15 Jurgen Ironhand is nearly assassinated at a ceremony. Jurgens commander Egon Pall was killed and his subordinate Helmut Hauk now commands the army.

Wognar 25th The volcano Voltare at the southern end of estallia has begun to tremble and smoke.

Justintian 2 Baldamar is defeated by the combined forces of the Fuldan army and the Falcon raiders mercenary group.

Justintian 4 riots begin to break out as the defeated army comes home to Baldamari

Justintian 10 The Veristani leave Mirelle with a land grant from Queen wanda whom was rescued earlier. Several Lords of Mirelle and the fleet admiral disappear as they are implicated in the kidnapping.

Oghma 1 Saleed Ibn Al Lith is crowned king of Luxor.

Oghma 4 Norstadt invades Neusan, The Red Crusaders with Norstat while Caines raiders are on the Neusan side.

Oghma 8. after delivering an ultimatum to the New King of Luxor, The religion of Smerc declares war on Luxor. Smerc had demanded to become the new state religion. An army of monsters led by Darrius Dragovichs brother, whom all had thought dead.

The group led by Darrius marched to the eastern border and ran a continuous fight during a period of about two weeks while awaiting for troops to come to eastern border to reinforce it.

Darrius brother Pavel is apparently killed but Darhius determines that he is not dead but in coma like state. He is brought back to the capital to be imprisoned.

.Oghma 9 bridge at Falbrek is beseiged

Oghma 13 The red veil reappears in the sky, signifying change.

Oghma 14- Princess Aneta of Neusan is sent to Marsten to be married to a nobles son named Gavril. Despite threats from parties unknown, she is successfully transported there.


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