Vermogen is the god of suffering and endurance. he was born to Magia as the youngest of the three born to Magia without Wojnar. He is at odds with Loviatar who enjoys the inflicting of pain while Vermogen wears the pain.

ALGN LG, colors brown and White, Stat Mins Con 14

WPN: Bludgeoning and scourge.
Losses-losses all armor and shield proficenices

DOMAINS: good, healing, strength, suffering

Special: 2 ranks in all con based skills.
Priests of Vermogen have the following supernatural ability. Allow me to take your suffering. A priest may take up to 10 points of damage from a person and put it on himself. This ability may be used wisdom bonus + ½ your level per day. The priest needs to be conscious and functioning normally to use this ability.


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