Colors Black and Red,
Weapons any, Armor Any
Domains: Strength, healing, War. SUBDOMAINS-Blood, resolve,Tactics,ferocity, resolve, restoration, resurrection
Gains-is able to also get heavy armor proficiency and martial weapons proficency at character creation at expense of one domain
Any weapon can be considered favored weapon.

Wojnar believes that dieing in combat is the most noble way for a believer to die. The
believer will sit at the chair of Wojnar in his home in Limbo.

Temples of Wojnar are all similarly shaped in the general shape of a short sword. The pommel is usually the entrance and the offices, the handles are usually the living quarters and the blade is the actual temple area. Weapons taken from foes are hanging from the ceiling. The temple part itself is roughly gothic in nature with high ceilings.

The priests are called battle brothers and the high priest is named the Battle Father

Iniating a lay member- a combat is fought. The priests evaluate the ability and give a name to a non-priest. If accepted the lay member will have his weapon hand cut and mixed with the priests.
At 5th level the priest gives himself a last name based on the weapon that he favors. The weapon is anointed by the of the priest presiding over the event and then by the other priests present.

Burial of a bloodbrother. The priest may be burned, buried or buried above the ground. All priests present cut their weapon hand and bleed into the coffin or fire. This represents that the priesthood is with him. Each donates a weapon to aid him in his journey. There is then a combat fought about the burial site (nonlethal) to aid the priest in remembering tenants of combat. Defrocking of a priest-a defrocking of a priest occurs under one of the following conditions: 1. Desertion, 2 cowardice in battle (non-spell caused), 3 defiance of orders

The offending priest is brought to a tribunal of three priests who sit in judgment. The tribunal presents the witnesses and the priest must convince the jury of his innocence.
Stripping of a bloodbrother-He is purged of his combat worthiness by being scrubbed while fully armored and weaponed. This represents the loss of skill by the priest. His weapons are removed from him and are broken by the priests. All attending priests are required to strike him with their bare fists showing contempt in this way and walk away not facing him. The ex-priest must leave the church and never enter any church of Wojnar again.

Marriage of a bloodbrother- a ceremonial mock combat is fought with priests posing as the husband and wife fighting against an enemy, showing their unity.

There is a military order that follows Wojnar. It is named the Holy Fist of Wojnar. One of the order is stationed at each of the temples. The cavalier stationed there has assistants who are to ride at first sign of trouble. The order wears black with red trim with the symbol of Wojnar on their chest.

HOLY DAYS-battle anniversaries


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