Beldorn, its reflections shine differently in various prime planes. The reflections are not always the same. A tree on one reflection isn’t there in another reflection. An event that shone brightly in one reflection doesn’t occur in another. This is one of the reflections of Beldorn.



The Duchies consist of 14 different nation states on a continent. The Duchies have touched every other continent on Beldorn thru trade, exploration or other reason. The general attitude of the Duchies that they are superior to all other places and that others need to be watched over. Within the Duchies are also levels of superiority which each Duchy will look down at another Duchy.

The Duchies from the west to the east, Patula, Hebrean, Mirelle, Firenz, Rus, Veristan, the Dallian Confederacy, Baldamar, Istellia are all on the continent. Vendyr and Aleran are islands to the north of the mainland. The two countries of Aponi and Vemany are the northernmost countries of the continent of Nafaaran.

The current situation. The king of Hebrean Emmanuel has passed away without an heir. His wife Wanda comes from the Dallian Confederacy canton of Nordstat. She is the youngest daughter of Lord Danail. The people are reluctant to accept her as the Queen. Many of the nobility feel that a new king is in order.

The Dallian Confederacy is having troubles between several of its Cantons. There is armed confrontation between several of the cantons due to tariffs and supposed slights aimed at the various leaders.

Vemany is in a civil war due to the assassination of its king. King Assuay’s incompetent leadership has led to a series of defeats, nearly destroying the mercenary companies under his employ as well as his regular army. After the defeat, Assuay and his family were assassinated by forces unknown but suspected. A temporary council has told all foreigners to leave.

The kingdom of Firenz is removing non humans from its borders. King Jurgen the Ironhanded has made a declaration declaring non humans such as gnomes, Elves, Halflings and Dwarves as non citizens denying them citizenship.

Alliances-Many of the Duchies do military alliances to protect themselves from ambitions of some of their more aggressive neighbors. The current major alliances are Mirelle and Rus. Firenz and Hebrean. Istellia, Rus and Aleran, Patula and Firenz. There are other alliances.

Recently along the port cities a plague of Wraiths have been wreaking havoc on the population in general. Many of the port cities have been quarantined.

Racism is alive and well in this setting. Non humans are generally treated poorly by the humans and vice versa.

Beldorn's Reflection

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