Campaign of the Month: October 2007

Beldorn's Reflection

Around the Duchies

whats going on

MIrelle-The Veristani forces have left Mirelle after making a deal for a chunk of land in which the Veristani will be the new owners. The treaty was sealed after the rescue and Return of Queen Wanda. Justintian 10th

Firenz-Jurgen Ironhand barely escaped from being assassinated at a ribbon cutting ceremony. His senior General Egon Paul was killed though. Egons subordinate commander Helmut Hauk immediately moved up the process of removing the undesirable non humans from Firenz. Woljnar 15th

Estallia- Mt Vaco, at the southern end of Estallia has begun to belch smoke and there have been earthquakes in the area.-Wognar 25th

Aponi-the rebellion against the forces of Rus continues unabated.

Baldamar-King Hamit has ordered his army to put down riots caused by his troops who had returned to Baldamar after the bloody war in Fulda in the Dallian Confederacy. Justintian 4th

Ohgma 13th Red Veil has returned.

The inner sea has been plagued by an increase in Piracy , An increase in the the reward for the most infamous pirate Chiyo Kamia to 50k is hoped to reign in the problem



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