Campaign of the Month: October 2007

Beldorn's Reflection

banes back

why do they want my brother

Sharra 2,3 501 4th age

The group decided to go see what the crystal tower was about. Gregori and Franz were delegated to another job. Darrius teleported the remaining group to just outside the tower. They figured the tower dimensions at 90ft tall, 160 ft. wide and 230 deep, more of a rectangular dome. The crystal somewhat translucent and they could see movement inside it. There was a discolored triangle shape at the bottom which they figured to be a door of some sort.

After figuring out how to open the door, they found the shapes that they noticed to be kind of crystalline spider. Also inside was a circular tower with a small opening near the top. A voice called out to them. “Welcome to the temple of Bane, and submit to him.” This obviously set the group off and they attacked the spiders, while battling the spiders, creatures appeared from the inside tower and arrows came flying out from up high. Forge went down in fight and the others took lots of damage. Darrius directed fireballs up near where he could see the arrows launching down at him and others. Finally the bad guys were dispatched. Taz and Davos went to the opening at the top of the tower; Davos went in first and just disappeared, taz fearing for his friend also jumped in.

They found themselves in a strange place; everything in sight was a churning mess of things. Eventually Taz at first, then Davos found that they could create a stable platform for each of them to walk on. They however were lost, where they didn’t know. They moved along and spotted a structure, which looked like living flesh. They went in and found a place that resembled a bar, they saw creatures that they had never seen before and didn’t understand the languages at all. The gnome barkeeper handed Davos a drink and after consuming it he could understand the language. They were in a place called the Last inn and were stuck in Limbo.

Davos tried to use his wiles but was unsuccessful until a human who seemed to be a wizard beckoned to him and asked some questions. His name was Winston and he figured out where Taz and Davos were to be. He guided them to a colored spot and told them to step through. They did and came out in a closet in a home back in Dera Luxor.

In the meantime, Darrius took the body of Forge back to the special pond in the Woods and brought him back to life. They then teleported back to Dera Castle. They wanted an audience with King Saleed and found that a Frost Mage whom they had met in the past was also waiting to see the king. Darrius pushed and got the steward to push them ahead of the Rus Ice Mage.

They also asked to stay when the Ice mage met. Saleed agreed. Vassilyi the ice mage didn’t want the two of them in there but allowed it to happen. Vassilyi wanted Saleed to release Darius brother, Pavel back to the Rus. Saleed said he would think about it.
Darrius and Forge went to Pavel’s prison cell and began to question him about why would the Ice Mages want him back. All Pavel would say was that he was just a soldier and didn’t know why they would want him back.



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