Campaign of the Month: October 2007

Beldorn's Reflection

Going back into action

Oghma 1-3 501-4th age

The group sat down in the great meeting all. Most of his respected advisors, and comrades. Saleed spoke and asked for opinions.. All spoke against allowing Smerc to be the primarily religion, there was more leeway about it being a religion within the realm, although some were against.

Saleed made comment of how poor of shape the army is currently. It needed rest and rebuilding and if an invasion should come could they handle it. There was less agreement about that. Saleed dismissed the group for a bit so he could converse with Khalid.

The group had been offered the eastern part of the kingdom that they had helped clear and were pleased? by it.

Saleed recalled the lot and decided on various courses of action. Forge, Darriius and Franz were sent to ask questions of the oracle of Oghma in the mountains. They also met with Doina, a Druidess whom the group had met tin the past. She indicated that she had been in contact with other druids in the area and it was noted that there was movement along the bleak lands and from the Ostan empire.

the group rode out and during the day noticed that they were being followed from the air, first it was on then two and then three fliers. but they were not assaulted. They bedded down for the night and found there was company nearby. A halforc inquisitor of Smerc named Davor walked into the camp and asked if they had coffee. They chatted and found him to be reasonable except for Darrius whom found his constant talking extremely annoying. In addition Davor noted that Darrius looked remarkably like someone else he had met in his past, an icemage from Rus.

The group was attacked during this conversation by Manticores but were dispatched easily enough. Davor helped in the defense and left in the morning. The group moved to the mountains and were attacked by stone giants whom they also easily dispatched. They reached the oracle. It involved climbing up a steep hill to a small structure. As they were climbing, they were again attacked by somebody invisible and were forced to get into the structure where they closed the opening and met the oracle.

Questions were asked such as about Aurora, the response was that she believed her leader but its not the leader who leads. Asking about who leads, the response was the son who has fallen.

In addition they surmised that the Previous king was alrady dead, that he was influenced to make Saleed the king, that Saleed had enemies in Rus, that there was a traitor in Saleeds camp, and other things before returning to the castle.



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