Campaign of the Month: October 2007

Beldorn's Reflection

the crowning of Saleed Ibn Al Lith

Oghma 1-3 501 4th age

The walls of the castle were festooned with the colors and symbols of the new leadership in Luxor. The Red and yellow with the Manticore Motif was being replaced with the white and blue with a stylized Gold Falcon, among the guests were many of the mercenary company high ranking officers and representatives of many of the other Confederacies of the Dallian Confederacy. Some of these reps owed their position due to the efforts of the Falcon Raiders and others. The date of the coronation was Oghma the first.

The early guests were treated to concerts by the renowned bard from Aleran, Robur lePlante and the Sisters Wyslin playing at opposing ends of the castle area. Soon after was the comedian Arlith and a general fair that everybody could enjoy, Contests involving archery, shoeing a horse, milking cows and drinking contests.

A trumpet of horns signifies the beginning of the cornation of the new King. Saleed ibn AL lith escorted by his genie friend Khalid and the head priest of the Confederacy of Luxor, Jikta Khaveblov, priest of Helme. Stanalescu had abdicated some hours earlier In a quiet ceremony, witnessed by his wizard Dragomir, Saleed and Khalid.

Members of the household guard line the corridor, resplendent in their raiders colors watch the procession. Saleed mounts the dias to the throne. Khaveblov receives the crown and places on Saleed’s head, and pronounces the oath to Saleed.

There is an explosion of applause and Saleed stands and bows to the crowd who bow back. A speech is made by Saleed, and in return various personages present themselves before the new king. The party ensues.

About two hours in, the party is rolling along when there is a commotion just outside the castle. Several of the peasants coming rushing in screaming of a monster and a rider. Everybody gathers their weapons and moves to meet this unexpected threat.

A winged creature, tawny in color, with a semi human like face surrounded by a large mane, stands some 15 feet tall, its tail looks like a series of spikes. There is an armored figure mounted on it. It appears to be a female, dressed in a black and silver plate armor with a flowing black and silver cape. Her helmet is in the shape of a skeletial face. She carries a ranseur with a blue flag attached to it, the sign of truce. She dismounts with a grace and plants her weapon into the ground and strides to the new king. She removes her helmet revealing a strikingly beautiful woman, her hair is short and brown. Her eyes are Ice blue
“I am Aurora, Defender of the faith of Smerc and I’ve come bearing a missive to the new king and his assemblage from the Faith of Smerc. Too long have we not had a voice in a government and we demand that this new king recognize the religion of Smerc as the state religion for this duchy. Failure to do so will in our eyes constitute that a state of War will exist between the religion of Smerc and the Duchy of Luxor.”

The crowd gasped at the audacity of the woman and her statement. Many began to draw weapons and began to prepare spells. Saleed yelled to the assemblage to honor the flag of truce and ordered his personal guard to watch for violation of the truce. Aurora smiled as she looked at Saleed. “ You are indeed a honorable dwarf, so know that my word is also true. If you do not recognize the religion of Smeric as the state religion, a state of war will exist.”

Saleed looked at Aurora, looked at Khalid, looked back at the woman. “When would you want an answer Aurora” Aurora looked a little puzzled by the comment but quickly replied. “ A week would be fine, Saleed. I will return in one week for your answer. “ She grasps her cloak and pulls it around her and walks back to the beast, who kneels for her. She mounts the beast and points to the new king. “Remember that I will be back in one week for your answer” and with a touch to the head of the beast it rose from the ground and was swiftly out of sight.

Saleed rose quickly and motioned to his people, “attend me” and moved to the meeting room.



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