Campaign of the Month: October 2007

Beldorn's Reflection

are we finally getting away from all the wet?

Sorte 3-12 501 4th age

The group looked around to see what else was going on. Their vision was obscured by the blood and bits of enemies suspended in the water. The current was moving slowly so the obscurement rather thick but four of the Aboleths were spotted a distance above the level of the group.

The group swam up towards the creatures but were spotted by them and they summoned giant sharks to attack the group and cast illusions of themselves to slow down the group. More fighting ensued, Darrius pulled a dimension door spell to put himself up with the aboleths but eventually that cost him to be killed for a short period during the fight.
As the group dispatched the sharks a large shape loomed not as big as the creature that they had stopped before but still imposing, it eventually was revealed to be a Brine dragon whom the Aboleths had dominated, Again the fight was fierce with Franz burning up all of his channels to keep various member s alive.

The aboleths were destroyed and with that the Brine dragons mind cleared up. He was spoken to and professed that he now had a new purpose here and that was to deal with the abolelths.

The group began to swim back to the structure that they were originally heading for when they encountered a group of Marids who had been searching for them. They were escorted into the stalk where they found that there were many levels with openings in the floors and ceilings. Eventually they were led to a room where they saw a marid sitting on a throne inside a large open Clamshell. He had a jellyfish attached to one arm where they saw some of the effects of the Aboleths strikes.

He announced himself as Duras and asked why they were coming to his place. The group responded with the truth, that they were sent by Kuras to destroy him. Duras laughed and said that is always what his younger twin brother always wanted to do since his annoyance at being born second by mere minutes denied him the place he had always sought and that he was mostly an idiot for the most part. The group chuckled and agreed , for most of them didn’t like Kuras.

Duras then offered his thanks to the group and part of the discussion turned to the Aboleths and their invasion. The question was raised about if Kuras would have had a hand in bringing the Aboleths to Duras who said no, Kuras would be faithful to his people and that he would not work with the aboleths.

Duras then offered a reward to the group who accepted and Duras said that he would close the gate between the planes. The next day with a guard of 40 Marids, the group got back to the prime material plane where the leak was sealed up. The group then found Ioan one of the problems that had been left behind and told him to behave and that in the future he might have position to help the kingdom. He ended up being somewhat non committal and the group decided to deal with the problem to the south the half orc witch and the coven of hags that he had under his thumb.



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