Campaign of the Month: October 2007

Beldorn's Reflection


The winds blew through the old castle perched upon the high mountain pass. From its upper turret one could see the better part of four confederacies. The Castle itself was in crumbling decay, a monument to the terror of the previous age when the four confederacies were under the eye of this building and its occupant.

Three different wagons with different pennants flying from them, and nearly one hundred troops with different heraldry symbols adorning them. Three men, looking in their middle age, two with breastplates, the other with a staff and heavy cloak. Each man had a second man with them. They walked up to the decaying doors which had been forced open in the earlier part of the day by the troopers. The wind pushed leaves in through the opening. In the middle of the room was a table with three chairs, the table was circular. The floor was yellowed marble. Several candles were brought to the table and lit to drive back the darkness. The three men sat down with their seconds behind them

The Tallest of the three, with long black hair with wisps of grey and a nearly white goatee spoke first in a deep timbered voice, “do any of you know why Stanescleu called us here, the fool was stupid enough to give up his kingdom to an adventurer and it being a dwarf at that?” The one with the cloak spoke with a quiet tone. “Because he was king at the time, Cezar and you know that anyone of us can call for a convening at this place.” The wind blew and some of the candles went out. The seconds looked around and relit the candles. The third man spoke with a higher pitched voice than would be expected from looking at him. “I hate this place. It should be torn down completely.” “Marku,” responded Cezar, this place has skeletons written all over it and things probably should be left well enough alone.”

“So where is Stanesclu?” demanded Ion the mage. His voice echoed through the chambers, disturbing some pigeons. The others looked around, each a little disturbed. “How long are we to wait here? I have affairs to deal with back home.” Said Marku
A new voice, silky smooth came from the upstairs. All looked upstairs as a youngish man, stepped down with an elegance. “Yes, indeed we all have affairs to deal with.” One of the men standing guard pulled out his weapon to defend his master. The youngish man just looked at him and gestured, the man fled in sheer terror. “Now, I hope the other bodyguards are not so foolish as yours was Marku.”

“You are alive” said Cezar who was standing with his hand on his sword, the others had their hands on their weapons. The youngish man stopped about ten feet down from the base of the stairwell and again spoke. “Indeed, I am and no thanks to any of you, but now is not time for recriminations. We have a task to perform.” The threesome just stared. He looked back down at them and smiled and spoke again with a thunderous noise which rattled the building. “I command you to sit.” The three rulers did so in their chairs while the two remaining guards just sat down on the floor.

“That’s good.” He motioned to one of the guards to gather another chair and when brought to him and he sat down in it, making a steepling shape with the long finger of his hand. “Now lets start…….



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