Campaign of the Month: October 2007

Beldorn's Reflection

elemental plane of water

I hate all this water

Myscarah 31 Sortie 1 501 4th age

Kuras described the creature that the group would use to be able to breathe in the elemental plane of water. It was a smallish flat type of fish. Darrius volunteered to be the first to try it. Kuras said to attach to his face. Darrius gagged as something slimy went down his throat and he forced it off. He could feel the skin of the fish adhering to his flesh. Kuras simply picked it up and washed it off in the fountain that was still flowing into the prime plane.
Darrius tried again and didn’t gag on the slimy thing going down the throat. The edges of the fish adhered to the Darrius face and began to expand and contract as Darrius breathed. Soon however Darrius began to have trouble breathing. Kuras took him over to the fountain and had him go in.
Darrius tumbled into a deep blue environment, trying to orient himself. The fish worked well and he could breathe. Kuras was vague about the communications and the ability to cast verbal spells so when he spied a group of marids swimming by and decided that a magic missile was in order to test his ability
It worked and he watched as the marids moved up over him, under him and to his flanks. He cast improved invisibility on himself as the Marids moved to attack and Kuras then appeared about 20 feet away. Kuras nearly was attacked by the four marids but wasn’t. He went back to the group and asked about Darrius. Forge volunteered to go see if he could find him. Darrius in the meantime cast a light spell on his sword and became visible. Forge also lit up a sunrod and both saw each other, but were appalled about the time it took to close the distance
The group demanded someway of traveling faster and Kuras provided those mounts, dolphins. They were to hold on to the fins and were showed a way to give commands. Kuras also told them that they would be going through bubbles from the elemental plane of air so they could breathe. After some initial problems the group left.
The sense of alieness with the group as there was essentially no bottom or top for them to truly be able to orient themselves and the dark blueness of everything about them lent eeriness to things. The dolphins flying into the air bubbles and grounding themselves to breathe before leaving the bubble usually resulting in a series of smaller bubbles was different.
The group noticed an extremely dark shape in the water before them and avoided it. They were then attacked large blue skinned woman with a third eye which someone remembered vague references to an eastern style of demon, an oni. This attack caused Johannes Van Reeder to go into a coma, some thought him dead though.
The oni was defeated and the group moved on. They were tired after nine hours of traveling found a large piece of rock and noticed a tunnel going up inside it. They then went up it and found it to be a large air pocket and a place for the dolphins to go up and back. Four of the seven dolphins had died from the previous encounter. Inside they found a stairwell with a symbol that they recognized as the Symbol of Magica, Mystra) the goddess of magic. They followed stairwell up about four stories worth within the rock before seeing a sealed door. A detect magic was cast and the door opened revealing a woman wearing the blue and white of Mystra. It was found out that she spoke elvish and her Name was alaria. She spoke with the group and they found out that she got the word that she needed to be there from Mystra and that she worked with Duras, the twin brother of Kuras. The group asked about getting additional dolphins and if she knew where Duras was located . She gave directions to both and the group decided that they needed more transports and went to a spot where the dolphins could be gotten.
After finding the place and after some translations and haggling of exchanging coinage, the group was ready to make purchases when a group of three marids accosted them and were trying to put the group in a cell. They found out the Marids worked for Duras and a fight ensued. The marids were defeated.



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