Campaign of the Month: October 2007

Beldorn's Reflection

how come they have big birds

Eastern Loxor Sharra 1 501 4th age

The group went back to the ruined prison to inspect the remaining closed cell doors, trying to determine what still laid behind them when they were greeted by an old friend whom they had not seen in awhile, Forge whom had been helping to organize troops from Fulda and Loxor to defend the southeastern part of the lands. He had split off days before to look for his friends and had finally done so.

Forge joined the others Taz, Darrius, Franz, Gregori and Davos in looking around. They had discussed what they had found before, a series of tapestries telling the story of the elves decision to bring demons to fight the drow and their apparent leaving of this place to someplace unknown via strange vessels whom the tapestries proclaimed were in the heavens above.

Their stories were interrupted by a rider from the army Forge had left. His horse was nearly dead from exhaustion as was he. “My lords, I have to report that we were defeated by a superior force, our commander died early in the combat as did the second. We estimated our losses to be some 30%. We did retreat in good order though. The army was apparently a second army from Russ and they had the Red bears mercenary group with them. The second part of the report was that there was some structure being built near the swamps.
The group gathered together to let Darrius teleport to somewhere near the opposing army and did so.

They came near near a small town that they had passed through before. It was a smoldering ruins. The group sent Tazbane into the air to see if he could see the army in the distance. He eventually made out a blob which was probably the army in the distance and looking in the other direction he could spy out a glint which was probably the structure.

As the group was discussing things, two fireballs landed among them before they could react. Looking up there three large birds Rocs, with two riders each on them. Darrius took the inititiave and dimensioned door him and Taz, to the one bird where they determined the spell caster to be. Taz ended up tossing the controller off the bird and it went out of control nearly tossing Darrius off the bird. The spell caster launched herself off the bird and was floating along. Taz flying charged her and hit her hard. She attempted to back up and one of taz’s special abilities allowed him to attack her again taking her out of the combat.
In the meantime, the other riders peppered mostly forge with arrows as he was only able to mount ineffectual attacks on them. Darrius, using his recently discovered powers that he received from his brother went on the offensive and helped to eventually destroy the bird riders.

The group then went back to the castle to discuss what they had seen, and it was decided to check out the structure since the army would take time to advance and although damaged the defenders were to defend the area.

Neusan-Baltoace(fens) Sharra 1 501 4th age

Tak and Brok came back after seeing the dead bodies of the soldiers before them. The group went into a discussion about what caused their deaths. It was decided that they would continue to the abandoned structure in the middle of the area.

They came upon the structure where they found strange humanoids standing about a glowing lavender space floating just above the ground of the structure. The humanoids were wearing heavy clothing heavy hoods, all that could be seen of their faces was wriggling tentacles. They spoke to the group and demanded that they leave the area for this now belonged to them. The group disagreed and a fight broke out. The creatures were destroyed and Brok took a chance and peered through the screen. He spied a golden city and lots of other creatures about and came back to the group and told them what he had seen.



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