Campaign of the Month: October 2007

Beldorn's Reflection

other fronts

secondary group

Oghma 24, 501 4th age, Falbrek Neusan Dallian Confederacy.

Oghma 24, 501 4th age, Falbrek Neusan Dallian Confederacy. The treacherous back and forth for the bridge there stopped very suddenly. Ester the Red Crusader leader of the troops trying to get across the bridge was killed by a group from the Caines Raiders Mercenary group.

Apparently the group had a couple of run ins with her before the final struggle. The story goes that Aloyius the commander of the defense group dealing with keeping the bridge closed, became angry with the group for their previous failure which had decimated what little reserves he had and was going to be forced to retreat and allow Norstat and allies to march into the rich interior of Neusan.

Both sides were depleted by the savagery of the fight. Both sides brought in spellcasters in attempts to get an advantage and they were summarily killed on each side.

The final result was that the Norstats had to retreat from their positions almost to the original line of invasion. It is late in the campaign year.



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