Campaign of the Month: October 2007

Beldorn's Reflection


SHARRA 9-10 501 4TH AGE

The coinmonger was discovered in a hotel room with his lady friend. He confessed his crimes. The group took him back to the castle in Dera and left him in the hands of Khalid. He had confessed that he got paid well by Cleon, the high priest of Smerc to sell off Saleed. Saleed was also set up to be the king of Luxor by possibly Bane. They also found out that it was possible that Luxor would be a nexus site for several planes of existence. The group found that Saleed was imprisioned in Limbo.

The group went back to the crystalline structure and found new occupants in the area and defeated them and went through the gateway to Limbo. There they found the Last inn and talked to the barkeeper and found a Slaad guide to the probable imprisoned area of Saleed, the third layer of Limbo, the lair of Agni, a land of fire. The guide left the group and the stairwell between the layers and started down where occasionally they would see something falling down the main space between the narrow stairwell.

They caught one of these falling victims, a blue skinned goblinoid named Aaschye who seemed to have some knowledge of this place although he seemed to want to go to the second plane, which was a water plane.

The group attempted to go into the fiery plane but the heat drove them back, they decided that they needed some magical aid to get through the heat and fire. Aaschye, knew of a maker of potions named Mortain who might be able to provide assistance in that direction.

The group ended up at the level of Susanawo, a water level. They entered the place and found that they had to go underwater to get to an airfilled bar. The barkeeps name was Falah and he sent for Mortain.



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