Campaign of the Month: October 2007

Beldorn's Reflection

the sorta end for now

Sorte 12-30 501 4th age

The group emerged from the swamp and enjoyed a fairly carefree journey to the south avoiding swamp. They stopped a few towns and told the people that a new kingdom would arise from the old one.

The entered the swamp and knew that they were being watched. The weather turned foul and they were pummeled mercilessly by swarms of bugs and were attacked by Chuuls and will o wisps and other things. They finally found a decent sized tract of land within the swamp with a ruined structure.

Tazbane was using his ring of water walking to pull the boat into the pier and notice a set of bubbles heading under the boat. the figures were moving to take on Forge and one of the other guys. Forge being in a foul mood, just did in the bad guys and the others took out the witch whom underestimated the groups capacity for damage and was taken out rapidly.

The group headed back on the two week journey to the capital to await new challenges.



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