Campaign of the Month: October 2007

Beldorn's Reflection

they look like Catfish

aboleths abound

Sorte 1,2 501 4th age

As the group moved with their prisoner towards the pens they were stopped by two water elementals and a marid. When asked who wanted to see them, the Marid replied Duras. The group gave up the prisoner and went with the elemental and Marid.
As the group was swimming, a large shark attacked the marid and it was noticed that another creature was shadowing it. Other sharks came from various parts of the compass and began to attack the group as well. Van Reeder found himself swallowed whole and had to resort cutting himself out of the shark.
Eventually, the sharks were driven off and the mysterious creature named an abeloth was discovered controlling the sharks. The Marid showed concern about the aboleth and decided to push towards the Duras residence.

As the group moved toward the Duras palace, they could feel impacts moving through the water. This again worried the marid. As the group got closer, they could make out lots of figures swirling around the structure which looked like a rose bush without the leaves and a pinkish white color anchored by a piece of elemental plane of earth. They could see a large crack in the structure and a large shadowy blob. Soon they could see other figures like sharks, dolphins , marids and whales and other things. They saw that there was a group of four aboleths sitting high above the fighting. They decided to attack that group.

As they were moving to engage the creatures, sharks and an extremely large creature appeared in their view. The group broke up to engage several things and while destroying the sharks and aboleths, their blows on the large creature wasn’t slowing the creature down and it bore in on the structure. The group killed the last aboleth just before the creature was to strike the structure and this allowed its mind to return to control and it just missed the structure.



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