Campaign of the Month: October 2007

Beldorn's Reflection

whats that?

Myscarah 25-30 501 4th age

The group trudged through the swamps to find Karathas the half orc summoner. They were set upon by swarms of insects, chuuls, vampiric mists and other assorted nasties making their time just plain nasty. They were a foul bunch when they finally met Karathas.
They spoke with him but he essentially said that they were better off to go get the creature whom was guarding the entrance to the elemental plane of water. Grumbling about a lot of things they left to remeet Ioan in the north. Ioan again allowed them to pass through his lands where the nastiness continued for the group. They ran into a black dragon whom seemed to be helping the creature that the others were afraid of. They found out it was a beholder.
The dragon went down , just in time to meet the beholder, whom launched numerous attacks which included distinigrates, finger of death, flesh to stone as the primary attack. It was levitating over a deep patch in the water to keep it away from the heroes. The heroes fended off these attacks and finally overcame the creature.
The group searched for a period of time until they finally spotted the site. A large chunk of land that had a fountain upon it. The group also noticed two very large creatures standing about on it. On of the creatures waved and a whirlpool surrounded the group and was beginning to suck their vessel down so the group used flight potions to get to the land mass where they fought two water elementals. Forge tried to swing at the fountain but instead of making contact he fell into the elemental plane of water where he quickly got back up the edge and back onto the prime material plane but as he got back on land two large watery hands grabbed him and began to pull him back in. Van Reeder and Taz attacked ferociously and eventually got forge away before he could be pulled in.
The creatures were eventually beaten and the group tried to figure out how they could close this particular portal. It was during this discussion that another creature popped out of the fountain. This creature was a sea blue in color and wore bright clothing. He asked if the group killed his minions to which they responded yes. The group began to haggle with him about the closing of this gate citing various reasons, eventually the sea green creature talked to the group about a problem within his kingdom, there was a renegade whom was causing trouble and if the group could remove him he would close the gate. The group asked for magical assistance to guide and survive their way about the plane of water and the creature agreed.



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